You may have heard of Linktree, Beacons, or similar services that allow you to add multiple links to a single page. Many brands and influencers use these services to link to their services, social profiles, or other things. For a long time, users have been requesting that Instagram add native functionality to allow more than one link in their Instagram profile. Finally, this feature is coming to Instagram. It is being rolled out to limited users and will expand to a broader audience in the coming weeks.

This is a fantastic addition for Instagram users as it allows them to add more of their content and interests to share with their followers. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your website, blog, online store, or another platform. Instagram will be more engaging and improve the user experience.

Instagram now allows up to 5 "links in bio". Here's how to add them.

Meta’s photo-sharing platform, Instagram, is not among the fastest to roll out features to adapt to the needs of its creators. This is familiar; as all major social media platforms become more popular, they become more crowded and competitive, which makes it difficult for the platform to keep up with users’ needs. However, many alternatives begin their journey to provide solutions for creators. Services like Linktree and other link-in-bio services existed because of Instagram’s limitations.

Instagram Clickable Link in Bio

Until now, Instagram only allowed one clickable link in the Bio, but with the recent update, you can add multiple links to your Bio. Meta’s & Instagram social handle also used to use services like Linktree, which gives functionality to create a landing page with multiple links that users can use to embed the link into their Instagram bio.

Instagram now allows up to 5 "links in bio". Here's how to add them.

Instagram users can now add up to five links in their profile bio, making it easier to direct their followers to other content. The company also offers a dedicated link feature that allows users to add URLs to competing social and content platforms, including TikTok but Facebook link will be prioritize.

How to Add Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

Previously, there was a workaround to add multiple links, but now it’s native. So, rather than using one link, now you can use multiple hyperlinks. You can use this feature on both Business and Creators, but you must update your Instagram to the latest version.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and tap on your account to open Profile.
  •  After that, tap on the Edit Profile button and then tap on Link.
  •  Next, tap Add External Link and then type the URL and Title of the Link you want to add.
  •  Tap the blue button to confirm your action, then tap Add External Link to add another link.
  •  That’s it! You can proceed with adding more links.

If you want to remove the link, head over to Edit Profile and then tap on the link. After that, tap on the red Remove Link button. Tap on Remove to confirm your action. That’s it!

Instagram now allows up to 5 "links in bio". Here's how to add them.

This is a welcome feature for users looking for native link-sharing functionality. Not to mention, to use these links, users have to adhere to the Community Guidelines and shouldn’t promote harmful content. The company isn’t planning to block other Link in Bio Services like Linktree link or other platforms. In fact, Linktree also uses Linktree on one of its social handles.

The link which users click will open within Instagram. Users can open it with a built-in browser like Chrome, Safari, or Samsung Internet browser, or their choice of browser. Slowly but surely, Instagram is integrating links across the platform. As we recently saw, the company allows users to add links to Instagram stories. However, Instagram for iPad still doesn’t support adding links to Instagram stories.

As this feature is now built into Instagram, sharing links with your followers would be easier. Recently, Meta also offered direct customer support to its paid verification users. Combining all these things makes Meta’s platform more appealing than Twitter’s Blue Subscription service, which offers some minor functionality. The company is constantly improving and interesting to its users, and we will see how it will impact the future of Instagram.

While using the Link in Bio feature, ensure your link in Bio is clear and easy to read, and remember to update your Bio regularly to keep it fresh and relevant. This take by Instagram is valuable, as now you can share more links with your followers without having to take valuable space in your Instagram Bio and keep track of your traffic. Instagram and other platforms like TikTok still need to improve with embedding their clickable links in their Bio since it only allows adding links in its Bio with Business accounts, which is a major drawback for regular users and creators.

There are multiple reasons why Social media Platforms offer limited shareable links in Bio. They are concerned about Spam and Scams. For instance, if users can add unlimited links, it’s easier for Spammers and Scammers to spread their content.