Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. It is the best way to share your life’s best memories with your loved ones. Due to rich features, especially the reels enforced, every user has to switch to Instagram. Even Instagram is a sibling of Meta’s parents. But, Instagram has a long hype compared to Facebook and WhatsApp.

Moreover, The Platform has a decent user base that they must take care of. But, Unfortunately, some users are unable to login into their accounts. As a result, they cannot get the extreme benefits of Instagram. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a guide to help you fix this below.

Why is my Instagram account not opening?

Instagram has a single format to login into your account. It means there is no chance of cross login issue with it. However, It is a secure platform, but sometimes hackers can also knock on your account. Instagram has many factors that influence individual user login.

And, here, if you are an Instagram user cannot log in to your account. Then, Consider this reason; it may be possible you are surely doing any of them.

How to fix Instagram Login Error?

As you have seen, the reasons are influencing your Instagram login. Also, we assume you have found your mistake while logging in. However, not all users can quickly figure out their issues and fix them accordingly. For such users, below, we will share some fixes you can try concerning your cause.

Because The reasons are different for login issues, likewise, there are different fixes that you must try. Due to wide fixes, it is hard to opt for all the fixes accurately as needed. For so, below, we are trying to offer you all such fixes along with the required steps.

Check Instagram Servers

It may be possible when trying to login into your Instagram account. The same struggling with server down issues. During server down, Instagram would not process any user request. So, you need to check whether the issue is with the server or another. So, we recommend using Downdetector, a best-rated service that offers free real-time status about Instagram servers.

Ensure Stable Internet Connectivity

If servers are appropriate, then make sure to check your internet connectivity. Because when you log in to your Instagram account. Your device enters into their server and consumes more data than normal surfing. For this, You need a stable internet connection to enter. So, after checking the server status, ensure your internet connectivity.

Clear Instagram App’s Cache files

Every website and application stores cache files to process data faster and provide a lag-free experience. Likewise, Instagram also has such files and is usually stored on Android devices. All things are fine when these cache files are new. But, if these get older, they may malfunction or restrict you from logging in.

You need to clear up the cache files on your Android device immediately. We know as a beginner, and you do not know about it. For so, below are some steps that guide in doing so.

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Scroll down to Application Management.
  • Locate Instagram App from the given list.
  • Once done, Tap on Instagram App.
  • Then, You will see the Clear Cache files option in it.
  • Tap on the Clear Cache files option.
  • That’s it, and All disturbing cache files will be cleared.

Reset Your Instagram Password

Wrong Credentials could be another reason for getting login issues over Instagram. In such a case, You need to reset your Instagram password. All thanks to Instagram developers who gave such an option to forget their account password. Even the complete resetting process is available on Instagram Support Page.

But, beginners can never fulfil those steps accurately. So, To ease such users, below we have mentioned some instructions for doing so.

  • First, Launch Instagram App on your device.
  • Tap on the ‘Get help with Signing in’ option.
  • Now, Enter your username or email and tap on next.
  • Next, A reset link will be delivered to your email.
  • Open Gmail on your and Open such Instagram Email.
  • Tap on that reset link and create a new password.
  • Once a New password is entered, Tap on Save changes.
  • That’s it, and Your Instagram Password has now changed.

Update Your Instagram App

Instagram has a wide reach for which they try new things and offer regular updates. If you have an outdated app, then it cannot work correctly. As a result, You may not access the Instagram server and face login issues. You need to look for Instagram updates and proceed ahead if any update is found.

However, Not every Instagram user is so smart as to look for newer dates. For such concerns, below are some steps to check for Instagram Update.

  • Begin with Opening Google Play Store/App Store.
  • Search for Instagram in the given search bar.
  • Next, You will see an Update option.
  • Tap on that Update option to proceed.
  • Once Updated, Wait for a while to install automatically.
  • That’s it, and You are done with Updating Instagram App.

Besides that, if you are again facing the same login issue on Instagram App. Then, You should look for the Instagram Support page. You need to visit the Instagram Support page and raise your query over it. So, Instagram developers or an expert will surely solve your concern.

Conclusively, These are the different causes with their solutions to fix Instagram can’t log in issues. And we expect that you have now fixed your login issue over Instagram. However, after explaining all such solutions. If any user still has some queries, then feel free to ask them in the comment below.