In our previous articles, we have talked a lot about different arguments regarding Instagram and its impact on teenagers. Instagram officials recently announced that the development of Instagram Kids is being paused because US lawmakers compelled the parent company to demonstrate that Instagram had no negative impact.

Furthermore, if the officials are not able to prove it, then they are forcefully heading towards making a separate Instagram for kids. But, in a recent statement, they announced they would stop developing Instagram kids. So, to know the matter more closely, read the article carefully. In this article, we will discuss more the proposal for Instagram Kids, officially paused, says Facebook Internal Report.

According to a Facebook internal report, the Instagram Kids proposal has been officially paused.

As earlier, the US Congress asked Instagram officials about the reasons for the negative impacts of the application on teenagers, And, recently, it was found that almost 32% of teen girls were indirectly influenced by their body parts.

However, teen boys are also affected, but the percentage of effects on girls is greater than on boys. For this, Facebook urges Instagram officials to research more about the effect of Instagram on teen users. In order to do this, they decided to pause the development of Instagram kids for some time.

Moreover, in the meantime, they decided to research more and more regarding the effect of Instagram on different teenagers. And, after getting the main issues, officials will try to improve them. Furthermore, they plan to resume developing Instagram for kids. Meanwhile, they stopped the development of Instagram Kids for proper research into Instagram’s effects on teenagers and are trying to improve them as soon as possible. Officials from Instagram do not specify any duration for research, but it will probably take some time for proper research and analysis.