Meta is the name behind numerous successful services, mainly social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. However, CEO Zuckerberg always tries to improve the user experience and aims to create a Metaverse. For the last few years, they have been trying to introduce different products that the market needs and create their own universe called Metaverse.

But among the other products, Instagram is today’s hype or the only tool to succeed in Zuckerberg’s aim. Recently, Zuckerberg announced over the Meta channel that they will introduce a new app, “Barcelona”, to compete with the present controversial “Twitter”. Additionally, they have said to launch plenty of Instagram features shortly. So, here we would like to discuss those features.

Upcoming Features for Instagram: Still in beta and expected to come to Instagram imminent

Meta is a large group of services where some have disappeared, and some are so successful that they are only in that category. Among them, Instagram is one name that caters to most Facebook users. With a wide range of features and a solid user base, this app grabs a lot of traffic from different channels. If you notice, when Instagram launched, it was the only app serving with such extreme features and creating stories as unique thing.

There was initially no hype for Instagram, but as users became aware of its features, they added Instagram to their phones. Meanwhile, Instagram is always preferred use only because of its enriching features. After all, today, it has around 2.35 billion monthly active users. To keep up that user base number, Instagram will soon add many features to make the app even more popular. So, let’s check what they are.

Add polls to the Comment Section.

Previously, there was no way to poll between comments. But it simply requires much effort, especially when you have many followers. Although you can add it to your story, it would also be great to have it in the comment section. And if I am correct, any app that provides such functionality today. Analyzing that, Instagram developers are prepared to roll out the “Add Polls in comment section” function to dominate the industry. However, this feature can only be used for reels and cannot be edited or deleted after posting.

Create a Post visible to only Close Friends.

As a user, I needed such an option that can hide my specific post from entire followers. Instead, I want to only show such a post to close friends. Now Instagram knows that need; that’s why we will see an option to add a post that can be visible to close friends only in the coming days. Previously, it was limited to stories, but now shifting to Posts.

Add an avatar to Notes.

This upcoming feature seems cool; you can add your own created avatar or any other to notes. This could be more specific and functional for the coming days. Because earlier, we all needed such functionality to add an avatar to the notes and remember what we wanted to do. For example, we can use the avatar of the person to whom we have a meeting and add it to notes. So that we can easily memorize the note.

class="wp-block-heading">Generate Custom Stickers

If you remember, Instagram does not have the option to create a custom sticker, but Google Keyboard allows creating a sticker on its app on WhatsApp, and the same feature is expected to debut on Instagram. We usually use pre-defined stickers on Instagram. But very soon, Instagram is adding a custom AI sticker generator so that users can get a better grip on this app. However, it is yet to be defined what tools will be available to generate stickers, but they will be available soon.

Share a Note with Your Followers

As a creator or influencer, you often want to share your viewpoints with your audience. But that is a lengthy process because you either post your note as a regular feed or upload it to the story. But both of these ways have certain restrictions. However we can personally share such notes, but it would be a hectic and time-consuming process. For this, Instagram will soon launch a feature that directly sends any note to all followers with a single click.

Automatically Play Next Voice Message

Over the years, we have all noticed that when someone sends us multiple voice messages, we cannot respond to them all. Instagram needs a tap request to switch to the next voice message. I know it is not a big deal, but you may have heard that small changes make a big difference. Keeping that in mind, with the coming updates, Instagram will add a feature that automatically plays the next voice message, mostly similar to the loop function.

Create Public Groups Stories

Earlier, Instagram added support for creating public groups so people get comfortable using the app. But there are a lot of things that public groups do not support. In fact, you can’t upload any story from such a group. Now the wait is over, as in the coming features queue, this feature comes anytime. Meanwhile, shortly, you can create public group stories to ease user experience.

Add Music to Carousel Post

If you don’t know, Carousel Post is a post where users upload more than one picture or video in a single post. Earlier, there was no option to add music to such posts. But with the new announcement, it is worth noting that very soon, users can add music to such posts too. However, it could be experimental but will be visible in the coming Instagram updates.

Highlights Update

You know that Instagram has a highlight feature that helps you to retain your special moments permanently. See stories are the best way on Instagram to capture special moments of your life. For this, previously, Instagram added a highlights support that seemed a dominant feature. However, it has taken a long time to update such a feature and improve the Instagram experience. For this, Instagram will soon roll out a highlights update, but it is still unclear what the update could be.

See Your Shared Activity

Instagram is such a wide platform where, in day-to-day events, we share a lot of things. And for a better experience, a quick summary of shared events seems much more useful. For this, Instagram is now adding a new feature called “See Shared Activity.” With this feature, you can keep track of your Instagram usage, like what you have shared and to whom it was shared.

Add Caption to Stories

Similar to feeds, in the coming days, Instagram users can add captions even on stories. This is not a big thing that Instagram proposes to add. But you should know people are demanding such a feature. Ultimately, they need such a feature because most users habitually uploading something by explaining it with a short caption.

Choose Who Can Interact with Your Avatar

Instagram added avatars to improve the user experience, but there was a catch: anyone could interact with your avatar, which became a headache for some users as it ultimately compromised their privacy. To address this, Instagram analyzed the issue and will soon add a lineup of features so that you can control who can interact with your Instagram avatar.

Show Stories Tray in Following Feed

In day-to-day usage, many stories are uploaded on Instagram, and the people you follow show their stories on the main page. However, when you enter the following feed, it does not show such a stories tray. Similar to the previous feature, this is also not a big thing, but this time, Instagram thought about it and proposed enabling users to see the stories tray in the following feed.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of plans to achieve his aim of creating his own universe called Metaverse. They plan to compete with social network giant Twitter with the upcoming product Barcelona. They have also proposed these changes to roll out in the coming updates. Note that they are just proposed, and there is no specific date for when such features will be added, but it is confirmed that they will be added soon. So, stay tuned with us and be ready for many features in the coming Instagram updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is eligible for Meta Verified?

Ans. A user at least 18 years old is eligible for Meta Verified Subscription.

Q2. What’s new in the Instagram new update?

Ans. In the present update, the best thing is the ability to search for local businesses by category.

Q3. What is the new 2023 Instagram update?

Ans. The best thing is that users can now upload posts or reels collaboratively.

Q4. How many hashtags can you use on Instagram?

Ans. You can add up to 30 hashtags while uploading a post.