Reels are quite popular and provide engaging content. To help creators create reels. Instagram has released new tools, including a bunch of templates for creators to easily browse, adapt, and post reels with a few simple clicks. All of this is to allow creators to find inspiration for their videos and to make the process easier overall.

Instagram is aggressively competing against TikTok, and in recent months, Instagram has added useful features like Top Trending Music, Hashtags, Topics, and Post Analytics.

How do Instagram Templates Work?

These new template browsers allow users to discover pre-made video blueprints. By using these templates, you can create a reel with your own footage. These tools allow you to edit the audio, the number of clips, and the duration of the clip and also have AR effects that will be added automatically. Likewise, there are a handful of functionalities that you can use to customise your video, like removing clips, adjusting timing, or editing any pre-existing elements.

How to use Instagram’s reel template?

Ensure that you have updated your reels to the latest version of Instagram.

Instagram is rolling out templates to create reels
  • Open Instagram and then tap on the Create button from the homepage.
  • After that, go to Reels and then tap on the gallery icon that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Next, tap on Template, and from there, choose the template you want to use and start creating Reels.
  • Choose media, either video or images and then edit with tools as per your preference. You can also replace media by tapping on each clip and then tapping on Replace Media, then selecting the photo or video that you want to replace it with.
  • Next, preview your Reels and publish them.
  • That’s it!
Instagram is rolling out templates to create reels

Usually, companies release these new templates for the recap, and traditionally, it is capped with nine to fourteen photos and videos, and then it automatically weaves the content together in a video.