Pornhub’s Instagram account has again been disabled due to violating community guidelines. As the same happened with Pornhub in June 2021. Surprisingly, the reason for disabling it was pretty similar to this one. However, At that time, Pornhub’s Instagram account was removed for less than a day, but this time it was extended.

Subsequently, we know that Instagram strictly prohibits nudity and sexual content. But, if you look over the Instagram Pornhub account. Then, you’ll find it has not shared any pornographic posts. Despite this, Instagram banned the Pornhub account. So, we tried to gather the right reason and luckily got something. So, let’s start and know the exact reason.

Instagram disabled Pornhub account-reason not confirmed

After getting removed from Instagram, Pornhub’s spokesperson said, “Our account has been banned as usual. The spokesperson does not cite any specific reason. Because they treat this removal the same way, they did the previous ones. On the other hand, Instagram has not confirmed any reason for the same.

But an Instagram account with 13 million followers and a following of around 6,000 can’t be underestimated. So, we search for a genuine reason to find the main reason. Following that, we found that Laila Mickelwait (campaign leader to shut down porn) has tweeted that Instagram banned Pornhub for violating community guidelines.

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If you know, Laila Mickelwait is a director of an NPO (Exodus Cry) who works against sex trafficking. And The Daily Beast report says Exodus Cry aimed to remove porn from the internet. Moreover, Mickelwait said they mainly seek to hold Pornhub’s parent company, “Mindgeek,” which is spreading illegal content.

From such an evaluation, we conclude that Exodus Cry is not against the legal porn industry. But they want to shut off Pornhub for its illegal content. But this time, Pornhub’s account was mainly removed due to disturbing child sexual abuse material. It was alleged to Mindgeek that they get profit from filmed videos by further uploading them to Pornhub’s website.

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PornHub’s Instagram account is permanently disabled on Instagram.

Meta permanently removed Pornhub’s official Instagram account; the account was initially disabled for a week. Instagram says Pornhub has repeatedly violated policies regarding nudity, adult content, and sexual solicitation multiple times but doesn’t explain.

Meta claims PornHub’s Instagram is trying to leave and visit their site, which is against their terms of service. They have been doing this over the past decade. An account also gets multiple warnings over the past decade. Pornhub responds that they never violated Instagram’s community guidelines. Mainstream accounts like Kim Kardashian’s account feature nudity and overt sexuality content without repercussions.

Furthermore, In 2020 numerous credit card companies like visas or more voided agreements with Mindgeek. Later on, Mindgeek’s CEO and COO also resigned, so the company lost its succession. Meanwhile, Pornhub faced a lot of Up-downs in the last few years. But, the major issues are with its Parent Company, Mindgeek. So let’s see when Pornhub comes back to its track.

PornHub published an open letter on Twitter, Asking Meta to Explain the shadowban, Ban, and removal of adult content creators’ accounts from Instagram, calling it “opaque, discriminatory and hypocritical” and an unfair move over the years.

 Instagram’s Community Guidelines

“We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Instagram,

According to Variety, Pornhub had published videos on Instagram to become Adult actors. In contrast, Instagram bans accounts for recruiting Porn actors on the platform.

They called this an unfair move and signed the letter, including The Free Speech Coalition, Riley Reid, King Noire, and other 63 activist groups. This potentially hurts Creators’ livelihoods, especially for those for whom Instagram is one of the essential marketing tools.