Win against Chinese Company in China is Impossible.

We already Seen For a Certain Long that Some Chinese Smartphone Manufacture Design Looking Exactly Lile Apple. No Doubt that Apple is the Leading Smartphone Industry Since 2007. Most of the Smartphone Copy apple Design and What they Look at in Many Things.

As Oneplus Pack their Device Similar to How Apple Does. This Year Xiaomi Mi 8 Which Copy Most of the Features of iPhone 10. But If Samsung Do the Same Then Samsung Sued By Apple Where Samsung loss Billions of Dollar Because of Patent Infringement Lawsuits.

Where Xiaomi Have none Direct Competition For Apple. Because Xiaomi and Apple Have Two Different Buyers Such as the Price Difference. Most of the Consumers of Xiaomi is From China and India Where Apple Customers are from America and Europe.

This is the Reason Xiaomi Mi 8 Doesn’t Launch in America.  Also, They Both have Different Competitors Like Xiaomi has Vivo, Oppo, Honor, and Samsung in China and India for Budget Smartphone Market. Instead, Apple is Complete Nothing in that Price Tag.

Huawei and Xiaomi copies Apple

It is the Reason Apple always Suits always Samsung. Because in the Premium Categories its Opponent is Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

Where Apple Codes, Hardware and Selling its Product Where Samsung Can Manufacture a Powerful Hardware But They Can’t Make a Powerful Software. While Google Can Make a Powerful Software and the Coding language but they Can’t carry out a Good Hardware. They Both have to Do Contract Like LG, HTC, Huawei too.

In the Between, if Both Xiaomi Comes In, Where Huawei is the Only Chinese manufacture Who has its Own Soc Kirin. Where xiaomi have to buy from Qualcomm.

Not to Mention, Xiaomi can Copy design But they Can’t Copy What Apple can accomplish. Xiaomi is one of the Leading in the age of Internet after Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. Well, xiaomi is also Defended by the Chinese government, Also If Apple Kill Xiaomi then Vivo, Oppo and the Tech Giant Samsung Make Space For Budget Smartphone Market.