This was one of the most common errors that have been faced by many Android users, message not being sent if you click on the list, and it should be same error multiple time. If you are using dual SIM in a smartphone that in short that the mobile number that you have used to send the message have it valid recharge plan includes messages.
Most of the user does not seem very fluent with setting that they had been using it is normally seems to be mistaken by sending SMS or message with an that does not have a valid recharge plan. Today we are going to share a little bit of knowledge with you that helps you with the fixed message not send error on your Android device.

How you can fix their message not sending message error on your Android device.

There was a lot of multiple methods to fit this, so let’s check out one by one.

Fix: Blocked the recipient

you need first to check that the message received is not to be blocked so if you have blocked it would not deliver until you enable their recipient.
  1. First thing first opens your phone application and then click on the upper left corner opens the phone settings.
  2. Then open the block setting and check for the block number if its number is there simply remove it from the block number.
  3. Now try to send the message again and hopefully your message is being sent.

Check the recipient mobile number.

You first need to check the mobile number that you have been entering it might be not sent because you have entered the wrong mobile number. Not to mention if you have been trying to send a message with the wrong number then it is not going to send and show user error message multiple time of the new until you fix this number.
Check for the telecommunication career message support or valid recharge.
Simply check for the telecommunication carrier that it supports messaging or not or you can simply check for your plan that you have valid SMS and RCS message recharge. Moreover, you can get in touch with your customer support and let them fix your problem.

Fix: a clear cache of your message application to fix message not sent error

How you can fix message that have not been sent showing error on your Android device

some time there might be some temporary file that has been stored on your device, and it does not function properly due to this. However, you can fit this simply by clearing the cache from the Saturn follow the simple steps given below.
  1. dir="auto">First thing first goes to the setting and open the application and notification.
  2. Now click on the so-called application and scroll down a little bit to find the message application to open the setting.
  3. Now type over the message, and it will open its app information.
  4. After that, click on the storage and capture and then simply tap on the clear cache option.
  5. That’s it, now try to send the message again and hopefully, it will send the message.

Fix: relaunch message app or force close the messaging app

How you can fix message that have not been sent showing error on your Android device

it might be possible that your message app has not been sending error because of the functionality issue that you have to be fixed that you can simply fix by using the forcibly stop and re-launch the application.
  1. First, you need to simply long-press on the app icon to expand the mini menu and then simply tap on the app information to open the app info menu.
  2. Then simply click on the fourth stop and then after few seconds simply relaunch do message application.
  3. That’s it. Hopefully, your message is being sent.

Update your messages application

it may be possible that last and you have been updated your application that brings some kind of issue and then this error is with acrylics you can simply trick by installing the latest application or updating the message application from the Google Play Store.
  1. For this, you need to open your Google Play Store and type on my application and game.
  2. Then check for this application and simply updated by tapping on the update icon.
  3. That at once your application has been updated relaunch the message application and hopefully your messages then send this time.
For some reason, any method has not been working on your device from checking the mobile number to fixing up to updating the application on your device. The last thing you have to do is to simply factory reset your device and then sat your device but make sure that you have a complete the cord your device before doing a factory reset for your device.
Hopefully, any method has been working for you and the guidance in simple and easy for you to perform on your device.