Google latest smartphone, the Google Pixel 4A launched with 5G capabilities but due to some regional restriction or not provide 5G support. But, the chipset on the device do support 5G Connectivity which can be unlocked through OTA Update but google not likely to provide support.

XDA-Senior Member swangjang | XDA Developers Forums have shared complete tutorial how you can enable and use 5G functionality in unlisted countries on Google Pixel 4a(5G) and Google Pixel 5 through QPST. So, if you also want to enable 5G functionality then today in this article we are going to share how to enable 5G connectivity in unlisted region using QPST. Follow the following instruction mention in this article.

Enable 5G for Google Device in Unlisted

Let’s get started with the prerequisite, all the important links and requirments mentioned down below. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Note: Before proceeding this, this guide was perform on Windows device so if you using other platform then the options might be located somewhere else depending on tool you are using. Despite, all the procedure are quite similar.

Once, you downloaded all basic tools extract the platform tool using Winrar or any file extractor tool and Install Notepad++ on your computer.

  • Open Notepad and type CMD
  • Save the file name as platformtools.bat and save as type as all files on your preferable location.
  • After this, Open Platform tool folder which we have extracted in the beginning.
  • Now, Open and install QPST tool on your system.
  • Then on the same folder head over to the Driver folder and install Qualcomm USB driver (choose the WWAN-DHCP option while installing Qualcomm USB Driver.)
  • That’s it! we have done all the basic things.

Afterward, you need to connect your Google device with your system using respective USB cable. Ensure that after connecting your USB preference is set to No data transfer.

Now, enable your developer option.

here are the steps to enable developer option on your Google pixel device, follow the described option mentioned down below.

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Click on About phone and scroll to the bottom to tap Build Number for x7 times.

Enable USB Debugging

After enabling Developer option, you need enable USB debugging from the developer option.

  • Open device Settings and then head over to the system.
  • Tap on advance and click on Developer option.
  • Scroll down to, Debugging section to toggle to enable USB debugging.
  • After this, it show you a prompt  for allowing computer to USB debugging access.
  • Tap on Always tap yes

Let’s get back to system

Now, continue the process on your computer.

  • Open platformtools from Platform tool folder.
  • It will open in CMD, enter adb shell and hit enter.
  • then type su
  • Check your device, Your device will show your prompt Tap Grant for Super user permission.
  • Then, execute these following commands.
    • resetprop ro.bootmode usbradio
    • resetprop userdebug
    • setprop sys.usb.config diag,diag_mdm,adb
    • diag_mdlog
  • Then, Press Ctlr + C
  • It takes some time to execute so be patience until it finish.
  • That’s it! at the end it show Existing Program you can now quite it CMD.

Back to your device

  • Change USB preference to File Transfer, and again switch to No data transfer.
  • Now, Navigate to your C Driver > Program file x86 > Qualcomm > QPST > Bin and Open QPST EFS Explorer
  • Select your device and click Ok
  • Once it load, Scroll down to Policyman from the Left-panel.
  • Then, on the Right-panel click on carrier_policy.xml
  • Simply drag to emply space on your desktop and Open the carrier_policy.xml in Notepad++
  • Then, Type 5G in front of every within the string starts with <include> L 5G </include>
  • Save it and close it.
  • Drag the carrier_policy.xml back to the QPST EFS explorer.
  • Click Yes on the dialog box, asking for overwrite permission.
  • That’s it!

Reboot your device

It is important that you reboot your device after finishing the guide. To utilize the 5G connectivity insert your 5G SIM and connected to enjoy 5G services.

VIDEO GUIDE – How to Enable 5G on Google Pixel 4a (5G) and Google Pixel 5

Not to mention, your SIM and region should have 5G connectivity support to use this functionality. Hopefully, this guide remains helpful for you if you have any query share with us in the comment section down below.