According to the recent WhatsApp developer’s behavior, it looks like users who use third-party to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device will soon lose such apps. I am glad to inform you all that WhatsApp started a beta program testing the Multi-account feature. Users can run multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device and, if they want, easily switch between them.

However, some limited beta testers can explore the Multi-feature functionality. However, the best part is that now we do not need any app like Parallel Space to run multiple accounts. Since this feature is scheduled to arrive in the coming week, people need to learn how to use such an extreme feature. For that note, we have prepared this guide to inform you about the Multi-account Feature and instructions.

How to use WhatsApp Multi-Account feature

The multi-account feature has plenty of benefits, as to maintain two profiles on the same app, it looks like we have two Instagram accounts. However, since the feature is in Beta and so on, many people want to join it now and explore this feature. But the beta test has already started, which means there is very little chance you can enter it. 

Still, for your reference, do one thing: just open Google Play Store >> Search for WhatsApp >>tap on the first result >> scroll down and Join Beta. As you know, the WhatsApp beta is rolling through the Google Play Store with at least WhatsApp App version While for iOS, there is no such concerning update. And once you get into now, the question arises, how to use the Multi-account feature. So, let us try some steps.

How to use the WhatsApp Multi-Account feature
  • Open the WhatsApp App.
  • Then go to settings >> Accounts.
  • Next, tap on multi-account.
  • Now tap on the add account option.
  • From there, add the second phone number and follow the on-screen instructions to add it.
  • That is it, and you are ready to use the WhatsApp Multi-account feature.

After doing that, you now have two accounts on your WhatsApp. Now, you can easily switch between them through the arrow icon next to the profile photo in the chat screen’s top right corner. But note that you can add up to 3 accounts on one device. Also, the Multi-Account feature is not for WhatsApp business users. Apart from that, you are good to use this new WhatsApp functionality. I hope you got everything about WhatsApp’s Multi-account feature. Even if any users have a query, then ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the multi-account feature in WhatsApp?

Ans. It is to use the switch between multiple accounts through a single tap.

Q2. Can I run 1 WhatsApp on two devices?

Ans. There is no official way for it.

Q3. How many accounts can be on WhatsApp?

Ans. With the new feature, there can be three accounts on 1 WhatsApp.

Q4 What is WhatsApp companion mode?

Ans. A special mode allows the use of WhatsApp on Multiple accounts.