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How to Unlock Bootloader on Any Qualcomm powered device

How to Unlock Bootloader on Any Qualcomm powered device

Qualcomm is a well-known semiconductor company based in Taiwan, which designs and sells processors for various Android devices across the globe. If you have the equipment, which is powered by Qualcomm processor then you might think about how you can unlock bootloader on your device.


If you once unlock the bootloader unlock, then you might lose the warranty of your device based on your manufacturer. Some manufacturers support Bootlocker, where some strictly doesn’t allow you to unlock the bootloader.
In case you lose the data, then AndroidGreek will not take any responsibility, Do at your own risk.

Unlock Bootloader on Any Qualcomm powered

Why do we have to unlock the bootloader of the device?

This is because if you want to instantly any Custom Recovery or Custom ROM, then you must have to unlock the bootloader of your device. In this article, we are only going to Guide you “How you can Unlock Bootloader of your Qualcomm Device.

How can you Unlock Bootloader of your Qualcomm Powered Device?

Likewise, the process of unlocking the kernel and ramdisk of your device where the bootloader tool runs code compline. OEM themselves locked the bootloader, but later they provided the bootloader unlock for the device. Generally, Android OEM designed its own custom skin on top of Android such as MIUI, ColorOS, Funtouch, HydrogenOS, among others. This is because they want users to stick with their Custom Skin and use their service.

If you are unlocking the bootloader of your device for the first time, Then read all the steps carefully because you might make it possible for you to damage your device.

How to Unlock bootloader of Qualcomm

Basic Pre-Requirements

  • Starting with your Desktop systems such as a PC or Laptop.
  • The micro USB cable that supports on your device to the computer.
  • Make sure your device should be charging at least 60 or above.

Basic Pre-Requirement Downloads.

  • Download the Qualcomm VCOM Drivers
  • Now, Download the latest driver for USB on your PC.
  • Then, Download ADB Fastboot tools.
  • That’s it, but we recommended you to back up your device completely then you are ready to proceed.

Noteworthy: The Majority of the Qualcomm processor device comes with an Unlocked Bootloader. Moreover, the device with the Qualcomm featuring a Bootloader but you would not be able to root or install any Custom Recover or ROM.

PRO TIPS: All-in-one Unlock/Relock Bootloader tool

There are two primary tools, Master Tool and All in one Tool.

Both were quite handy and easy to use. You can use a Master tool to flash recovery and root any android device, especially that was powered by Qualcomm processor. On the other hand, all in one tool is used to perform based on your preferences individually.


  • You didn’t have to run any Command using terminal or CMD.
  • Easy to lock and unlock the bootloader of your device.
  • Unlocked bootloader with a Without to access.

Basic Pre-Requirements

  • Android devise and desktop alongside a Supportable USB Cable
  • You should install the correct USB driver.


  • First thing first, Download the Tool.
  • Then, Extract the file then.
  • Follow these simple instructions and then connect your mobile device in Switch on Mode.


*For the first time rooting your device or unlock mobile requires you to download the following things.

THANKS TO XDA Senior Member Faiyaz5yaz,

Unlock Bootloader on Any Qualcomm powered

Method 1: Turn off OEM Lock from Developer mode

First thing first, you need to enable the Developer Mode on your device. Which you can enable by going to settings and then head over to the About device. Where you will find the Android version. Tab continuously until the developer mode is on. Now, Go back and Go to Developer mode setting and choose “About Phone”, Where you will find the “OEM lock” Turn it off.

Method 2: Use the Official Tool provided by OEM

Nowadays, OEM themselves release the bootloader, or you can also look on webs for 3rd party developers.

Method 3: Ask your manufacturer to provide the Unlock Code.

  1. When will you receive the code and Enable the developer mode?
  2. From the developer settings, you have to enable USB Debugging and OEM unlock.
  3. Now, Download and Extract the ADB Fastboot Zip on your Desktop.
  4. Then, Connect your phone with your Desktop through USB Cable.
  5. Wait for a moment until all the necessary drivers get installed.
  6. Then Open the CMD also known as Command Prompt, which you can open on the same folder by pressing Shift+Right
  7. Mouse click or you can open it from Run (Windows+R) then Type CMD and hit enter. (For Mac open your Terminal)
    (Make sure you have not selected any folder.)
  8. Now Type the Command in your CMD
    ADB devices
  9. Further, if you receive a prompt for USB Debugging on your phone then click OK.
  10. Then, Type the ADB reboot bootloader on CMD.
  11. While your device reboots into a bootloader, then Type the fastboot device to install the fastboot driver correctly.
  12. However, your device starts showing the Serial number of your device in CMD. If not, then fix the driver problem then repeat the step again.
  13. Now, Type the fastboot OEM unlock in CMD and after the complete execution type fastboot reboot.
  14. That’s it your device successfully rebooted.

Method 3: Unlock Code.

Some developers use the same code available to unlock the bootloader of the device.

  1. We are starting with Enabling Developer mode.
  2. Then extract the Downloaded ADB Fastboot zip file from your Desktop.
  3. Then, Connect your device with Desktop.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes to get the driver and install it on your Desktop.
  5. Open CMD Command, Thought Shortcut fundamental press Shift + Right Mouse at the same time but without selecting any folder. Or you can use Run command by typing CMD and hit enter or search for CMD on your Desktop.
    (For Mac open your Terminal)
  6. If your device prompts the USB Debugging, then Click OK.

  7. Then on the CMD Type ADB device after completely executing the type ADB reboot bootloader.
  8. Your device expected to reboot into a bootloader and if it shows the Bootloader lock then check for fast boot driver, install properly then follow the same command.
  9. Further, proceed with typing the fastboot devices.
  10. Now, your desktop shows the serial number of your device then you can continue If it doesn’t show then fix the driver and follow the steps again.
  11. In CMD type the Following Command fastboot OEM unlock ****************
    (Put your device 16 Digital unlock code provided by Manufactute, Replaced with *)
  12. Then type fastboot OEM get-bootinfo to check if the bootloader is unlocked.
  13. Lastly, type the fastboot reboot, then wait for the bootup process to complete.
  14. That’s it you have successfully done.


Hopefully, we believe that this article remains helpful to you and you have successfully unlocked your device bootloader. Thanks for being with us and sharing your more valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section down below.