Minecraft is one of the most popular games globally, where you can build subjects with your creativity within your survival world. There are different kinds of modes available to play, and it seems to be quite elegant as far. So, if you have been playing any game mode for so long, you might wonder how you can switch between games mode in Minecraft then. Today, we are going to share instructions step by step mentioned down below.

How to Change Your Gamemode in Minecraft

There are different methods to perform, and the first is with console, So without further delay, let’s check this out.

Types of Minecraft Game Mode

There are primarily three different types of Minecraft game modes, While two less are common modes.

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • Adventure
  • Spectator
  • data-preserver-spaces="true">Hardcore

How to switch game mode in the Console edition

  • Open the World
    • Where you want your Game Modes to switch.
      • Which could be your LAN or Own World
    • For LAN, Click on Friends and then choose the world.
  • Select your Gamemode
    • There are three game modes available in Minecraft Console Edition.
      • Survival, Creative, and Adventure
        • Survival: Here, you have to mine, fight mobs, get food, and fight moves like Zombie, Lava, and other players.
        • Creative: Here, you have unlimited health, hunger, and Mobs. It quite helpful if you want to build some creative things for quite a long period.
        • Adventure Mode: It is quite identical to survival, but you can break or build without tools and commands. It is not a well-liked game mode in general. 
        • NOTE: Spectator mode is only available for Java Editon.
  • Enter Command
    • Press the chat button and enter the following command to switch the game mode in Minecraft
      •  Survial mode: /gamemode 0
      • Ceatvice ModeL /gamemode 1
      • Adventure Mode: /gamemode 2
  • That’s it

How to switch game mode in java edition

  • Open the world and then click on Multiplayer.
  • Scroll to find your world, which you have joined previously. 
  • Choose the game mode according to your preference.
  • Press T and then Enter the game mode command mentioned down below.
    • Survival Mode: /gamemode survival
    • Creative Mode: /gamemode creative
    • Adventure Mode: /gamemode spectator
  • If you receive any error “You do not have permission to do that,” then press Esc.
    • Then, Open the LAN and Click Allow Cheats
    • Click Save and then Export to LAN.
    • That’s it.

I hope this article helps you, and you have found this article useful if you have any query share with us in the comment section down below.