Meta has officially launched Threads and surpassed 150 million signups. Many users utilise the microblogging service to stay informed and up-to-date, as the functionality and use-case scenarios are similar to Twitter. Users often wonder how to search in Threads, and there is much to learn and many features for the company to develop.

While Threads and Twitter share similarities, there are some differences, such as the inability to change a username or delete a Threads account. In addition, there is the lack of a direct messaging feature. Today, we will explore how users can utilise the Threads search function. Without further ado, let’s look.

How to Search in the Threads App

To find a friend or account on Threads, type their name into the search bar. If the account is public, you can see everything, including posts and replies. If the account is private, Threads will only show the basic details like the profile picture, account name, and bio. Once you find the account you need, tap on the Follow button next to it.

Please note that searching for keywords, topics, or hashtags is not yet available in Threads. This feature is expected to be released in future updates. It’s imperative to remember that Threads is not meant to replace Twitter or focus on news. The company CEO confirmed this.

Also, you cannot log into multiple Threads profiles at once. You can only access in via your active Instagram account. If you want to use a different account, simply log out and sign in with the desired account. To change your handle or delete your Instagram account, you will need to do so through Instagram directly.

How to Find Your Instagram Friends on Threads

  • Open Threads and click on the profile icon in the navigation menu.
  • Next, click on the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Then tap “Follow and Invite Friends”, and “Follow Accounts from Instagram”.
  • Your Instagram friends will appear. You can search and follow them individually, or tap “Follow All” at the bottom of the screen to follow everyone.
  • That’s it!

Although Threads is a standalone app, it complements Instagram. Note that if the account you wish to follow has not yet created an account on Threads, you will receive notification when they do.

How to Search for Your Friends on Threads

If you want to search for your friends on Threads, follow these instructions:

  • Launch Threads and click on the search icon located in the bottom navigation.
  • Type in the name of the account you want to follow.
  • Once you find the account, click on “Follow” to follow it on Threads.
  • That’s it!

Alternatively, you can ask your friends to share their profiles by going to your profile and tapping on the “Share Profile” button. You can also follow the Threads account directly from Threads by clicking on the Threads icon that appears on Instagram’s profile.