The world of smartwatches has witnessed a significant evolution, and Samsung has undoubtedly taken the lead with its Galaxy series. While these devices come packed with features, some users encounter a persistent issue – the enigmatic blue music icon on the Galaxy smartwatch. In this guide, we will explore various methods to bid farewell to this persistent icon and regain control of your smartwatch.

Understanding the Blue Music Icon Issue

The blue music icon typically surfaces when your smartwatch is connected to a device playing music. However, for some users, the icon persists even after disconnecting from the device, leading to a frustrating user experience. Let’s delve into practical solutions to tackle this challenge

FIX 1: Force Stop App

In an unexpected twist, the Amazon Kindle app could be the culprit behind the lingering blue music icon. If you have it installed, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Amazon Kindle.
  • Select Force Stop and confirm with OK.

Note: Plex and YouTube might also trigger this issue, so consider force-stopping them if needed.

FIX 2: Turn off WiFi

A surprisingly simple solution involves turning off WiFi on your smartwatch. This straightforward approach has worked for some users, so give it a shot.

FIX 3: Disconnect from Hub

If clicking on the music icon reveals media controls tied to Google Home Hub, it might be the source of the issue. Disconnect from the hub and observe the results.

FIX 4: Disable Wearable Music App

When all else fails, disabling the Wearable Music App becomes the final resort. Follow these steps:

  • Set up ADB on your watch using a guide.
  • Execute the command: adb shell pm disable-user --user 0


Exploring these diverse solutions allows you to tackle the persistent blue music icon on your Galaxy smartwatch effectively. It is recommended to try each method and determine which one brings success. If you encounter any challenges or have further questions, drop them in the comments, and we’ll provide timely solutions.


  1. Is this issue specific to Samsung Galaxy smartwatches?
    • While the blue music icon issue is commonly reported on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, it might occur on other devices as well.
  2. Why does force stopping apps resolve the problem?
    • Certain third-party apps, such as Amazon Kindle, Plex, and YouTube, can interfere with the smartwatch’s display, and force stopping them helps rectify the issue.
  3. Can I re-enable the Wearable Music App after disabling it?
    • Yes, you can re-enable the app by using the command: adb shell pm enable
  4. Will turning off WiFi affect other smartwatch functionalities?
    • Turning off WiFi temporarily is a troubleshooting step and won’t impact other core functionalities of your smartwatch.
  5. Are there alternative methods to disable the Wearable Music App?
    • While ADB is a common method, some users prefer third-party apps for app management on their smartwatches.