Realme Confirm that they Will going to add a New Ads Service Called “Content Recommendation” feature to ColorOS 6 and Later. This will be available by an OTA Update later, Notification Panel and Will promote apps and Links in System UI. The “Content Recommendation” Work Similar to Xiaomi Ads Servies, They Will Promote Apps and Links in the Phone Manager apps, Security Check page after installing new apps.

How to Remove Content Recommendation in ColorOS: Disable Ads in Realme.

However, Realme said they were working to maintain a Healthy and Sustainable business model With an Razor-Thin Margin.. Also, Realme Confirm that Users can disable the “Content Recommendation” With a Single Click. Realme, Fastest-Growing Smartphone Smartphone Brand in India and also in Global. Realme “Content Recommendation” is been enabled by default.

Of course, Realme Disturb the market with an offering of Amazing Performance-based hardware. The “Content Recommendation” disable Will Completely disable Ads but Not from Apps like App Market, Realme Theme and More offering apps from Realme. Not to mention, You can also Disable them from there setting.

Not to Mention, “Ads Recommendation” effect the Revenue of Realme because the Non-Tech-Savvy users Would not be going to Disable until he known about it and We Don’t think there are People even know that they can disable it.

ColorOS on Realme devices will soon let you remove content content recommendations. Here’s How You Can Remove Ads From ColorOS 6

Realme Ads in ColorOS


Furthermore, Realme before rolling-out this Feature they have been posted in there Realme Forums as an Announcement. Moreover, They Say they will ensure Proper Rules and Regulation to safeguard users “Privacy and Content”. All the smartphone with ColorOS 6 and above will receive the ads feature in there smartphone by the latest update. Let’s know how you can disable them.


Realme Ads in ColorOS

  • Open Setting apps
  • Scroll down to “Additional Setting”, Tap on “Additional Setting”
  • Scroll Down and Find out “Get Recommendation” Option Click, placed above the “Backup & Reset”
  • Click on the toggle button, Turn it Off.

Realme ADS:

Not You Will not go to receive Ads from Realme UI, They were a lot of Apps Who would like to call “Content Recommendation” instead of Ads. This likely to hide or Unclear for Many users. Also, This advertisement let OEM reduce the Smartphone price and Generate minimal profits later from their internet Servies.

Whereas, it is Appericatiable that Realme provides an official post before rolling us and let them, users, TurnOff. On the other hand, Xiaomi response Quitely and there are Still many users. Who don’t know how they can Disable it.

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