Ib is one of the freeware psychological horror video game that was initially launched on 27th February
2012. The game was developed and published by kouri available to play on Microsoft Windows. The
Game was designed in such a way that it crossed millions of downloads across the whole of Japan.
Unfortunately, many users are disappointed with it because the game features the Japanese language
and it becomes a hurdle for them. As a result, A Steam Community Member suggest some tip to
overcome this limitation. So, here we will let you know the same concern and suggestion pinged by
Steam Community.

How to play if you don’t know Japanese

The Foremost Challenge that comes into play in IB is understanding Japanese. As the developers coded
the complete game in Japanese. But, learning a new language could be a difficult task, especially playing
a game. For that purpose, A Steam Community member “Gumi” has shared something helpful for those
who facing lingual issues while playing IB.

Gumi Said, For those who want to play Ib and do not know Japanese then, Use a Special PC program
called “Capture2Text“. As this tool helps you translate those Japanese quoted instructions and react in
favor of them. But, we know this procedure can be confusing for you. As a result, below we have
mentioned a few steps that help you to download Capture2Text and Do Translate in IB. So, without any
further delay let’s move on to these steps.

  1. Simply, Visit Capture2Text Download Page.
  2. Then, Download the Relevant files from it.
  3. Next, Install the download Capture2Text Program.
  4. Now, Launch Capture2Text and Navigate to Settings in the lower-left tab.
  5. Afterward, Move on to the Translate Section and choose your Translate Language.
  6. Then, double-click on the application Head to OCR language and place it in Japanese.
  7. As a result, Whenever you press Windows + Q you can choose the words you want to translate
    into your language.
  8. That’s it, You can now play IB without knowing Japanese.

Overall, the above guide included steps that will direct you to easily play IB even if you don’t know the
Japanese language. However, if still, you have some confusion with the given steps then, you are free to
ask a query in the below section.