If you need your device to keep going, but you left with a low battery on your device. You might get started with closing applications, and using your device wisely but it won’t help you so today we will be sharing a simple trick to save smartphone battery.

Closing apps eats more battery

Whenever your force stops an app, and to clear the background usages your device uses more battery then usual. In case you want to open the app, with the relaunch the app consumes more resources to start.

So it is better to keep apps running in background, in this case it just loads directly from where you left because it was silently paused in RAM. This will help with saving battery and data of your device. Meanwhile, modern devices come with their own system memory management which helps to clear unwanted apps and apps which consume more battery.

Don’t add unnecessary charge cycle

If you do charge after letting your device battery down to 0%, then you are adding unnecessary charge cycles. Lithium Ion battery, Which most of the modern smartphones comes with, prefers to charge 30% to 80%.

Remove Case from the device

While charging keep your case off from your device, because most of the cases aren’t good with dissipating the heat from the device. Lithium batteries work better in cool temperatures, the higher the temperature goes the slower the charging process.

Don’t use device while charging

Yes it is safe to use while charging your device, but it will slow down the charging process. Instead, enable Airplane mode while charging because it disables the wireless signal and radio.

Update your device

Smartphones come with Optimize Battery Charging, the latest version comes with patches which optimize to improve performance and Fix the issues including battery capacity.

Use priority charge

It is recommended to use a manufacturer charger because of the technology, while you can opt for quality third-party charging manufacture.You can check your device configuration how much Watt it can handle and then buy charging solution accordingly.

Clean your device charging port

It does affect the charging, so clean it using a toothpick. Ensure that your charging port doesn’t have any dust which slows down the charging process.

Change Wallpaper

Modern smartphones come with an OLED display panel, if you have so then you should use dark wallpaper because it doesn’t have to power-up those areas which helps to save battery, This the the reason why most of the applications start supporting Dark mode including device OS. By activating you can potentially save the battery.

Additionally, you can use the adaptive brightness (Auto Brightness) and Auto-lock,which will adjust the brightness according to your surroundings and will auto-lock in case of inactivity respectively.

Sync Frequency

Your device does fetch mails with a set period of intervals, the longer the intervals the more your device will save battery.

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll, and tap on Accounts and Backup
  • Click on Manage accounts
  • Head over to your account, and then from there tweak sync frequency.
  • That’s it!

There were some other recommendations like disabling location services, and don’t use your device under extreme weather conditions. So we believe this article remains helpful for you. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future.