In this guide, we’ll delve into the vexing issue faced by many iPhone users: the Notes app misbehaving on iOS 17. For those reliant on quick jotting or storing more comprehensive information, the Notes app has been a steadfast companion. Despite Apple’s introduction of the Journal app, Notes remains the preferred choice for many. However, with the advent of iOS 17, some users find themselves grappling with a malfunctioning Notes app. Fear not, as we explore various methods to rectify this hiccup.

Why Notes?

Understanding the significance of Notes app and why users prefer it even with the Journal app available.

Fix iPhone Notes App not Working on iOS 17: An Overview

A brief overview of the troubleshooting methods that will be discussed in detail.

FIX 1: Re-Login to iCloud

Exploring the first step to resolve the issue: logging out and back into iCloud. Step-by-step instructions and why this might be the key to resolving the problem.

Step 1: Logout

Detailed guide on signing out of iCloud from your device.

Step 2: Login

The subsequent steps to log back into your iCloud account and potentially fix the Notes app issue.

FIX 2: Refresh Notes App

A creative solution involving syncing changes made on a secondary Apple device to troubleshoot the primary device’s Notes app.

FIX 3: Toggle Notes Sync

Deactivating and reactivating Notes sync through iCloud as a potential remedy.

FIX 4: Reinstall Notes App

The final resort: uninstalling and reinstalling the Notes app. Precautions and steps to ensure a smooth process.


Summing up the troubleshooting methods and encouraging users to try each method to discover the one that works for them.


1. Why is my Notes app not working after the iOS 17 update?

Explaining potential reasons for the issue.

2. Can I skip any of the troubleshooting steps?

Providing insights into the importance of trying each method.

3. Will reinstalling the Notes app delete my existing notes?

Addressing a common concern and providing guidance on syncing notes.

4. What if none of the fixes work for me?

Offering suggestions for users facing persistent issues.

5. Is it worth switching to the Journal app?

Briefly discussing alternatives for users contemplating a change.