Microsoft’s Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles globally, Where players have encountered error codes. Today, in this guide, we will be sharing step-by-step instructions to fix the following error codes, so without further ado, let’s check it out.

We recommend you quickly perform Reboot your Xbox and try again; check your ethernet cable, Check the external hard drive, and power your console at the last cycle before trying again.

Error Code 0x87e10007

One of the most common error codes occurs when your game is non-compatible with your Xbox console. You can check out the supportable gaming title on the Xbox Official Website. 

Error Code 0x87e1000F

For this, ensure that you have correctly plug Kinect Sensor into your Xbox console. If you still encounter, Unplug and Re-Plug the Kinect Sensor into your console. After attempting successfully, Restart your console.

Error Code 0x80010108

This is an unexpected error; for this, check the live status of your console. Sometimes, it occurs due to maintenance, or servers are down due to power outages or network outages. Keep patience for some time until the server gets back online.

On the other hand, if the server is live but still experiencing the error code 0x80010108, restart your Xbox Series X by pressing and holding the Xbox button on the controller for the restart option. Otherwise, if it is still encountering the same error, try to uninstall your game and reinstall it on your console.

Alternatively, check your internet connection or reset your console, which helps clean the cache or OS by reinstallation.

Error Code 0x87de0017, 0x87e107d1, 0x87e107d7, 0x87e107ed, 0x87e10804, 0x87E00011, 0x87e10804, and 0x97e10804

These all error codes appear while downloading the game on console, which indicates you can’t download the title from Microsoft Store. To rectify, check the queue and resume downloading the preferred title by pressing the menu button. If you still encountering the same error, Check real-time Xbox Server Status.

Error Code 0x87e0012d

Check notification for any Xbox Server Maintenance; if you found any server difficulty, keep patience until the server is back online.  Otherwise, you can restart your Xbox series X by pressing and holding the Xbox Button until your console starts to continue.

Alternatively, Reinstall the game from your console and restart your console. After restarting, you can download and reinstall the game.

Error Code 0xc0000189

In this case, it is better to re-power your console. Press and hold the Xbox button until your console shut down and after power-off. Boot up your console and check if you still experience the same error code.

Error Code 0x803f9007

Check your disc if you have inserted it correctly on your console, and check you have signed in Xbox Live Feature after finishing the downloading of the game. In contrast, if you were having the same issue, then it is likely your game trial date expired.

Error Code 0x80BD000B

This code pop-up when the console is already occupied on some other active console. For this, log in with some different accounts on your console to continue playing games.

Error Code 0x803f800b

You require to renew your subscription if this error code appears means your existing plan is expired. However, if you have enable auto-payment then check or update Payment details.

Code 0x90072EE7

This code suggested Xbox service is unable, and it may occur due to service outage or internet connection barrier. Check and ensure the connection is available stable.

Error Code 80070020

This means Xbox Service are down; wait for service to be avaiable again. You can restart the game or keep patience until they are back online.