In the recent iOS 17 update, Apple introduced a plethora of new features, and among them, the Standby Mode has captured widespread attention. This mode, activated when an ‌iPhone‌ is charging and positioned on its side, offers a customizable Lock Screen experience. Users can enjoy live interactive widgets, display photos from their library, and access a large clock along with the current temperature.

Standby Widget Features

The Standby Widget, a key component of this mode, has proven to be both useful and intriguing. However, a notable concern has surfaced among users regarding the absence of the current temperature during specific weather conditions, particularly when it’s raining.

User Concerns

Numerous users have voiced their frustration about the missing temperature details during rain, hail, and snow. It’s not just the current temperature; both the maximum and minimum temperatures are notably absent as well. This unexpected behavior has left many iPhone users puzzled and seeking answers.

Scope of the Issue

Contrary to expectations, the missing temperature in the Standby Widget is not a bug but a deliberate design choice by Apple. Whenever there’s rain, snow, or hail, the Standby Widget intentionally withholds the display of current, maximum, and minimum temperatures. This decision has sparked curiosity and raised questions about the rationale behind such a feature.

Alternate Routes for Temperature

For users living in regions with constant rain, adapting to this peculiar feature becomes necessary. Finding alternative routes to access temperature information during adverse weather conditions is advised. This unexpected twist in the UI/UX design poses challenges for users who rely on quick access to weather details.

Cupertino’s Move

The Cupertino giant’s decision to omit temperature details during certain weather conditions appears surprising and, to some, even baffling. The motivation behind this move remains unclear, leaving users to grapple with the sudden change in their daily interaction with the Standby Widget. Adapting to this alteration in the user interface becomes a necessity, despite its unconventional nature.

User Feedback

What are your thoughts on Apple’s decision to withhold temperature information during rain, hail, and snow? We invite you to share your opinions in the comments section below. The unexpected shift in the Standby Widget’s behavior has sparked a lively discussion among users, and your insights could contribute to a better understanding of this unique design choice.


In conclusion, the missing temperature in the iPhone Standby Widget during rain, hail, and snow is not a glitch but an intentional feature introduced by Apple. Users, especially those in regions with frequent rain, are advised to explore alternative means of accessing temperature information during adverse weather conditions. The Cupertino giant’s decision, while surprising, underscores the ever-evolving nature of technology. Share your thoughts on this intriguing design choice and let the conversation flow in the comments section.


  1. Can I change the settings to display temperature during rain in the Standby Widget?
    • Unfortunately, Apple has not provided any settings to alter the behavior of the Standby Widget during specific weather conditions.
  2. Are there third-party apps that can bypass this limitation?
    • As of now, there are no third-party apps known to bypass the intentional omission of temperature details in the Standby Widget.
  3. Does this affect all iPhone models with iOS 17?
    • Yes, this behavior is consistent across all iPhone models running iOS 17.
  4. Will Apple release updates to address user concerns?
    • Apple has not made any official statements regarding potential updates to modify the Standby Widget’s behavior in specific weather conditions.
  5. How can I provide feedback to Apple about this feature?
    • Users can submit feedback directly through the Apple Feedback platform, sharing their opinions and concerns about the Standby Widget’s temperature display.