CoD Warzone is a special franchise that considers new gameplay styles and other new items. Since its
launch, the CoD userbase increased with a long hype. However, it has also been a home of errors in it.
But, luckily all of them are solved internally. Recently some CoD warzone users are facing an error code
4 Issue.

To do this, we have tried to know the actual reason behind the error code 4. But, it is hard to know until
the official statement. But, On some user experience, we have got some fixes that you should try. So,
here we will explain How to fix CoD Warzone Error Code 4.

How Can I Fix CoD Warzone Error Code 4

Error code 4 is an error which displays on the screen. When a player wants to log in it displays a message
“You have been disconnected from the Modern Warfare servers”. And, those users face a lot of struggle
in login into the CoD warzone server. For which, below we are sharing some fixes that you must try to fix

Fix 1: Delete Cache Files

Cache files are such files helpful for faster memory functions. But, these files sometimes act as a hurdle
to processing the game further. Because You Pc has stored some cache files in which few are corrupted
and stopping Warzone to process. So, You need to delete all that cache files to fix the issue. To delete all
cache files follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. On your Pc, click on the start menu.
  2. Then, the Run option and click on it.
  3. Now, Type %Programdata% and click on OK.
  4. Next, locate the Blizzard Entertainment folder.
  5. Then, Delete the complete folder.
  6. That’s it, now check whether the error is fixed or not.

Fix 2: Use a Stable Internet Connection

Sometimes, Internet speed plays an important role in these types of online games. Likewise, if you play
CoD Warzone on an unstable connection then you will fail to log in. And, we assume that the same thing
occurring with you. So, we recommend you to use a stable internet connection and check the error code
4 status.

Fix 3: Re-Install CoD Warzone

The final fix to solve error code 4 on the CoD warzone is to re-install the game. Because, during
installation, it might possible some files are left to upload. For so, we recommend you uninstall and
again install the CoD warzone on your device. You can simply download the game through the Microsoft
store or other related platforms.

Conclusively, with the help of the above-given fixes, you can easily solve the error code 4 on CoD
Warzone. However, if you are willing for an official fix then you need to wait more and stay connected
with Warzone’s official social media handles. And, if any user has a query with the same then ask them
in the below-mentioned section.