Many times we face problem during various site visit because some website is both mobile and pc oriented, but some are only for pc only. For which “Google chrome” allows their a “To request sites to be view as desktop” in your phone, which helps you to visit the website quite the same as pc. But, we have much time to see that it works well on android rather than iPhone. So, today mainly talk about Can we enable request desktop site on iPhone. If yes, so how can and it also have some problem related to the desktop site? There are many methods to fix this problem, but we tell you the essentials.

So, if you guys are here, then you might be want to know something about the “Desktop site.” So, today we will teach you about “How to fix chrome’s request desktop site not working on the iPhone.”


  • Follow the steps given below on Google Chrome.
  • Use any of the methods to fix this problem.
  • Use the following steps carefully on your iPhone.

How to fix a chrome request desktop site not working on iPhone?

Note – Perform the steps only on the iPhone. There are various methods of fixing request desktop site, but we tell you one by one. You will be able to solve the Chrome’s request desktop site problem on your iPhone by allowing the given below steps –

Method – I. (Site reload way)

  1. Open Chrome on your iPhone.
  2. Then, go to the three-dot button.
  3. And, click on the request desktop site option.
  4. Then, search for a website that you want, and after the search is not found, click on the reload button manually (Reload can be found in the der three-dot button).
  5. Note – Chrome reload sites website automatically.
  6. 5. Hence, you will be able to view your desired site on desktop view.
  7. Method – II (Turn off Portrait orientation lock)

To get the site on desktop view on your iPhone, you have turned off the portrait orientation lock and also rotate the phone.

Portrait orientation lock can be turn off by –

  1. Swipe down from the top right corner on your iPhone.
  2. Then, click on the padlock icon.
  3. After it, you will see a portrait orientation lock off on your iPhone display.
  4. Now, after enabling rotation on your iPhone, you can view the website in desktop mode in Chrome.
    ( Works only when you have your screen in landscape mode).

Method – III (Update iOS software)

Many times we face many problems in the iPhone due to not updating the software of the iPhone. So, it is also necessary to update software for the proper working of request desktop site on your iPhone.

Note – While updating your software, make sure you have turned on your internet connection.

Update the software on your iPhone perform the following steps –

  1. Open your iPhone settings.
  2. Then, Go to general.
  3. In general, click on the software update.
  4. Now, your phone will automatically check for a software update. If there is any updated download and install on your phone.
  5. And try again on Chrome to be working on request desktop mode Now, It works perfectly.

Method – IV (Update Google Chrome)

As we have seen that many times the application also creates the error for which we have to update that application. So, here also, to run the desktop site properly using on your iPhone, we have to update google chrome app.

Note – while doing this, make sure you have turned off your data connection.

  1. To update the google chrome application, do the following steps –
  2. Open the app store on your iPhone.
  3. Then, click on the search icon and search for “google chrome.”
  4. After searching, click on the update option (if available).
  5. Then, accept the conditions and update the app.
  6. After updating Chrome, try again to request a desktop site on your iPhone Now, it works properly.

Method – V (Reinstall Chrome app)

To do the proper working of request desktop site on your iPhone. You should have to reinstall the chrome app because several times, we have seen that some files are still left after the installation. Meanwhile, you have to reinstall the chrome app.

To reinstall the chrome application on your iPhone, do the given below steps –

  1. Open your iPhone settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Then, select iPhone storage.
  4. After it, find google chrome and click on it.
  5. Then, click on the delete button.
  6. After it, click delete on the pop up display on your screen.

After uninstalling, reinstall the app from the apple store. And try the desktop site again will work properly

THE FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q. How do I force desktop on the iPhone?

    Ans. We have already cleared about this above.

  • Q. How do I force a website in desktop mode?

    Ans. We have covered this topic above in this article.

  • Q. How do I enable the desktop site in Chrome?

    Ans. We have discussed it above.

  • Q. What happened to request the desktop site?

    Ans. After enabling the desktop site, it allows you to visit sites the same as desktop view.

Hopefully, We assume that this article remains informative for you, and You have successfully known about “How to fix Chrome’s requested desktop site not working on your iPhone.” Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable feedback and opinion If any query let us know in the comment section down below.