The Steam Deck, a portable gaming device, offers a range of storage choices from 64 GB to 512 GB. The 64GB model employs eMMC storage, which is slower compared to the 256GB and 512GB versions that utilize solid-state drives (SSDs). While these storage options should suffice for most users, installing large games can swiftly consume the Steam Deck’s storage capacity.

Acknowledging this concern, Valve has included a MicroSD card slot in the Steam Deck. This slot supports MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC cards with a maximum capacity of 2 TB. While not as swift as SSDs, these cards perform their task commendably. Allow us to walk you through the process of installing and configuring a MicroSD card on your Steam Deck.

Expanding the Storage of Your Steam Deck

To augment the space on your Steam Deck, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Procure a microSD card: The Steam Deck boasts a dedicated slot compatible with MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC cards. Acquire a card with a maximum capacity of 2 TB.
  2. Insert the microSD card: Locate the microSD card slot situated on the bottom right of the Steam Deck. Gently slide the card into the slot until it securely engages.
  3. Format the microSD card: After successfully inserting the microSD card, press the Steam button, navigate to the Settings menu, proceed to the System options, and select the Format SD Card function. This operation will format the microSD card, rendering it compatible with the Steam Deck.
  4. Transfer games to the microSD card: To free up storage space on the Steam Deck’s internal storage, you can transfer games to the microSD card. Access the Settings menu, navigate to Storage, select the desired game to move, press the Y key to initiate the transfer, and designate the microSD card as the destination.

Please note that games will only be transferred to the microSD card if they have been fully updated. By following the aforementioned steps, you can expand the storage capacity of your Steam Deck, granting you the ability to enjoy an extensive collection of games and applications on your device.

Enhancing the Storage of Your Steam Deck

Augmenting the storage of your Steam Deck enables you to maintain a larger repertoire of games, ensuring you won’t be caught without entertainment when the need arises, even in the most remote locations. Moreover, segregating games onto a separate storage medium enhances overall performance by alleviating the strain on the primary storage.

Now that you possess the knowledge required to expand the memory of your Steam Deck, you can effortlessly accumulate a wealth of games in your arsenal. We encourage you to share any related suggestions or insights about the Steam Deck in the comments section below.