A Microsoft-developed app will seamlessly bridge the gap between Android or iOS smartphones and Windows PCs, Intel announced. Intel Unison, a new app that features several cool features, has been released now, Using the PC app. Moreover, you can access your smartphone’s images and videos, transfer files, respond to phone notifications, and make calls. In this Guide We are Going to Share “How to Install and Use Intel Unison on Windows 11”

What Is Intel Unison?

You can easily connect your Android phone and iPhone to a Windows 11 PC using the Intel Unison app. This programme may quickly and easily link your gadgets with a simple one-time setup.

It brings your iPhone or Android phone closer to your PC, much like Dell Mobile Connect (which is being discontinued) and Microsoft’s Phone Link. On your laptop or PC, you can view your phone’s photos, transfer files, answer phone calls, and even send messages. In addition, select laptops with Intel’s 13th-generation Evo CPUs will come preinstalled with the app.

Download and Install Intel Unison on Windows 11

Getting started is as simple as downloading the Intel Unison app from the Microsoft Store. It is only necessary to perform this step on laptops with 12th-generation or older Intel CPUs that don’t already have the Intel Unison app installed.

  1. First, Download the Intel Unison though this link.
  2. Now, Click Get in Store app.
  3. Once the Microsoft Store app appears, click Open and then Install.
  4. After Intel Unison has installed, open the app and go through the welcome screen.
  5. You can continue the installation by clicking the Accept & Continue button in the Intel Unison app on your PC.
  6. Select whether you want crash data or analytics shared.
  7. You can pair your PC with your iPhone or Android device by scanning the QR code on the screen.
  8. Using this link (AndroidiOS), you can download the companion app on your iPhone or Android device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  9. Through your mobile app store, download the Intel Unison companion mobile app.
  10. Choose Accept & continue on your iPhone or Android device.
  11. You can choose again whether to share crash data and statistics.
  12. Click Let’s go to confirm your agreement to the terms.
  13. Accept the requests for permission for contacts, pictures, calls, SMS, and other features.

How to Pair your iPhone or Android to your PC

For Intel Unison to work on Windows, you’ll need to pair your phone with it using Bluetooth and complete the pairing process.

  1. Tap Scan QR code on your iPhone or Android device’s Intel Unison app.
  2. Give your mobile device permission to use the camera if necessary.
  3. You can scan the QR code on your PC using the Intel Unison mobile app.
  4. Match the pairing code displayed on your Android or iPhone device with the pairing code displayed on your Windows PC.
  5. On your PC, click Confirm in the Intel Unison app.
  6. Set up your PC to automatically connect to your phone via Bluetooth.
  7. Ensure the PIN numbers on your mobile device and PC match whenever Bluetooth pairing has requested.
  8. Notifications should be accessible.

Hopefully, You have Successfully Install and Use Intel Unison on Windows 11. Thanks for Being with us.