How to download and Install Discord on Android or ComputerWhat is Discord?

Discord is a free communications platform just similar to “skype” Originally released in 2015 for Gamers. Still, it has since become a global communication platform for all types of communities. Discord has divided between different Servers, and Each of the servers has its channels, members, topics and rules. Friction allows their users to do voice chats, live streams Games and other events from their Home. download and Install Discord on your Computer

So, if you guys are here so, you may want to know each and everything about the “Discord”. Today we will tell you about Discord, its installation, Working and All other essential things you need to know about Discord.

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  • Use the following steps carefully as they are prescribed below.
  • Choose the Server or Community according to your interest.
  • All the steps given below are the same for Android and iOS.

How Server work on Discord?

The Server works on Discord as It provides or set up a chat room similar to another app like “slack” and here chat room is known as Server. In which you can invite people. So, when you ask someone to the chatroom, they get a link to join that chat room and where they can do voice/text chat using that Server or Chatroom.

What are the Roles and Channels in Discord?

“Roles” are those whore assigned to the group members on which Permission is Based.

When each Server is broken down to make specific space for a particular topic or agenda then, a spec-specific known as “channels”.

What do you mean by channel Permission?

The discord permission system is based on roles. If a server is the breakdown for specific space for which permits are required are known as Channel Permission.

How to Sign up and Verify Yourself?

To sign up in Discord, you should decide to which community you want to join in Discord.
Here are some steps for signup in Discord areas –

  1. First, open your web browser.
  2. Then, search for “”
  3. Fill the information like email addresses, usernames and passwords and click on “continue”.
  4. Then, your discord account will be created.

After this, you have to verify your discord account for which some steps are –

  1. Open your Gmail app.
  2. Then, search the email sent by Discord.
  3. In that email, click on “Verify Email” to verify.
  4. After it, you will be able to completely able to use the Discord app.

How to Chat on Discord and Upload Media Files?

You can chat on Discord in different ways which are –
• Text chat (In-text chat, you can do many things which are)

  • Adding emojis and Reaction.
  • Custom emojis.
  • Spoiler tags.
  • GIF picker.
  • Group chat and Calls.

• Voice chat
• Direct messaging

To Upload media files on Discord here are the following steps as –

  1. Open Discord app.
  2. Tap on three bar button at the top left corner.
  3. Click on the Server that hosts the channel.
  4. Then, click on the circuit and after it, click on + button.
  5. And click on the File’s icon and select the data which you want to upload.
  6. Then, click on the aeroplane button to upload media files.

How to invite friends to join the Server?

To join your friends on your Server, here are some steps that are given below –

  1. Open your Discord app.
  2. Then, open your Server to which you want to invite your friend.
  3. Click on the instant invite icon.
  4. Then, a box will appear with the invite link and direct invite button for the friends.
  5. Then, share that link to your friends to those who you want to invite.

How to enable push to talk in Discord?

To enable the push to talk feature in Discord, use the following steps given below –

  1. Open your discord app.
  2. Then, look up for your username in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click on setting button after the second step.
  4. Then, click on voice and video.
  5. After it, click on the push to talk option.
  6. Hence, your drive to chat feature is enabled.

THE FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q. How to login with QR code?

    Ans. To log in with QR code, you will need to scan QR code for which open the user setting menu. And click on “scan QR code” and then, scan code and login.

  • Q. How to Troubleshooting log errors in windows?

    Ans. To fix the log errors perform the below steps –
    1. Open your command prompt (cmd) in administrator mode.
    2. Then, insert “ipconfig /release” and click on Enter.
    3. After it, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and click on Enter again.
    4. Then, type “ipconfig /renew” and click on Enter and close the cmd tab.

  • Q. What is happening in my game audio?

    Ans. When you put to the background to play the game, iOS reduces the audio output level of your game. But, we recommend you to use a headset which helps you to hear game audio as well as discord community.

  • Q. How to fix corrupt installation?

    1. Close Discord in the system tray and make sure all Discord processes are terminated.
    2. Delete the two following folders:
    • %AppData%/Discord
    • %LocalAppData%/Discord
    (To find those folders, copy the following command and Paste on the run (click on the Start button + R to Open Run), and Hit the Enter Button
    3. After it, %appdata% in the Run window and click enter.
    4. Then, Then %localappdata% in the Run window and click enter.
    5. find the “Discord” folder in both of those windows and delete all File.
    (If your OS tells you that the File cannot be deleted because it’s still in use, open up the Task Manager and terminate all instances of Discord there and in the start-up tab).
    • Restart your system.
    • Reinstall via Windows Download

  • Q. How do I fix the error when installing and updating it?

    1. Close Discord by using ⌘+Q or selecting the Quit option from the menubar, then make sure all Discord processes are terminated from within your Mac’s Activity Monitor.
    2. Delete the following two folders:
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Discord
    • /Library/Application Support/Discord
    (To find those folders, open Finder, press ⇧⌘+G (or Go > Go to Folder in the menubar), and enter).
    3. ~/Library/Application Support in the window and click enter.
    4. Then /Library/Application Support in the Run window and click enter.
    5. find the Discord folders in these files and drag them to your Trash.
    (If your OS tells you that the File cannot be deleted because it’s still in use. Open up the Activity Monitor and terminate all instances of Discord)
    • Restart your system.
    • Download and Install Discord via Download Here

Hopefully, We assume that this article remains informative for you, and you have successfully download and Install Discord “known about your problems regarding discord.” Thanks for being with us, share your more valuable feedback and opinion If any query let us know in the comments section down below.