The Pixel Watch, Google’s venture into the smartwatch realm, has garnered praise for its initial offerings. Powered by WearOS based on Android, it stands out as one of the first to receive the latest updates. However, some users encounter challenges understanding the workflow and user experience (UI/UX) of this innovative smartwatch.

Understanding the Issue

Among the reported challenges is the difficulty faced by users in disabling Gmail notifications on their Pixel Watch. Unlike other notifications that can be turned off within the watch’s Settings, Gmail notifications seem elusive. This guide aims to demystify the process for users encountering this hurdle.

Reason Behind the Issue

The absence of a direct option to disable Gmail notifications on the Pixel Watch is a result of Google’s strategy. To achieve this task, users must resort to the Watch Companion app installed on their paired device. While a more straightforward approach on the watch itself would be preferable, adhering to Google’s guidelines becomes paramount.

Steps to Disable Gmail Notifications

  1. Launch the Google Pixel Watch Companion app on your device.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Apps & notifications.
  3. Toggle off Show notifications for Gmail.

Following these steps ensures that Gmail notifications are disabled on your Pixel Watch. However, it’s crucial to note that this action not only silences audio alerts but also disables text notifications. Users should weigh this trade-off before making the adjustment.

Consequences of Disabling Gmail Notifications

Disabling Gmail notifications on your Pixel Watch has a dual effect. While it alleviates auditory interruptions, it also means no text notifications will be received. Users are advised to consider their preferences and needs before implementing this tweak. Should there be any uncertainties or questions regarding the process, our team is ready to assist.

User Feedback

We encourage users to share their experiences and challenges in the comments section. Your feedback helps us understand and address the diverse needs of our community. Any questions related to disabling Gmail notifications will be promptly addressed by our dedicated support team.


In conclusion, the necessity of using the Watch Companion app to disable Gmail notifications on the Pixel Watch highlights the intricacies of Google’s ecosystem. While it may seem unconventional, following these steps guarantees a streamlined experience. For further assistance or clarifications, feel free to reach out, and we’ll ensure your concerns are addressed promptly.


  1. Can I disable Gmail notifications only for specific contacts on my Pixel Watch?
    • Unfortunately, the current setup only allows a global toggle for Gmail notifications.
  2. Will disabling Gmail notifications affect other app notifications on my Pixel Watch?
    • No, disabling Gmail notifications only impacts Gmail-related alerts.
  3. Can I customize the notification settings for other apps on my Pixel Watch?
    • Yes, the Settings > Notifications menu on your Pixel Watch allows customization for various apps.
  4. Is there a way to enable text notifications while keeping audio alerts disabled for Gmail?
    • Currently, the toggle for Gmail notifications affects both audio and text notifications.
  5. How often does Google update the Pixel Watch and its companion app?
    • Google typically rolls out updates regularly; however, specific schedules may vary.