Discord is one of the largest domains where people can switch to their desired groups (server) to get
some dominating information. Among various exciting features, discord offers an overlay feature that
enables you, users, to reach other users during playing a full-screen game or any other activity. Disable Discord overlay in Window 11

Moreover, Some people like this obsessing feature, whereas some think that it is very irritating. As a
result, they want to disable that overlay feature and get away from it. For that reason, We have
prepared an article through which we will let you know about Steps to disable most identifying Discord
Overlay feature.

How to disable Discord overlay – Easy Steps Guide

As we have said, Discord overlay is primarily introduced for those users who want instant activities
during a particular function. Meanwhile, it is a multi-tasking forum through which the user gets ease in
operating Discord. That means This feature may not be useful for every discord user. Because not
everyone like that overlay feature as they want to focus on a certain activity.

For that reason, those users who are tensed with overlay features seek on the web to know the
procedure for disabling overlay features. Unfortunately, They are struggling a lot regarding the same
concern. So, To ease that confusion below we have mentioned some steps that direct you to disable the
discord overlay feature.

  1. Simply, press the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Then, A Window will open on your screen.
  3. Now, Type Discord and Click on the first result.
  4. Next, Click on the User Settings icon.
  5. Afterward, Choose Game Overlay.
  6. Then, Disable the toggle “Enable In-game Overlay”.
  7. That’s it, Discord Overlay will be disabled.

Concerning the above-mentioned steps, the Discord Overlay feature will be disabled. However, after a
further experience if any user wants to enable it. Then, they can follow the same steps mentioned above.
Likewise, User who is confused with the above steps can ask their query in the below section.