There are so many camera options to buy and it can be very hard to choose the perfect one.

There is a lot of Camera in the market, and they all have there Strength and Weaknesses. First thing Firs We have Some Self-Awareness, Purpose to Use the Camera. Many of the People Want a Portable Device Wich they Easly take With them anywhere. Here you can use your Smartphone Camera.

For those Who are Travel Photographer, Which really require Light Weight and Portable Device to carry. Which give a little More Depth of Field compare to Your Smartphone Camera. For that Many Photographer use SONY RX100 Mark 4, Canon’s G7 X Mark 2 and Lumi LX100 Mark 2 are great Option Too.

How to choose the perfect camera

Not to Mention, These are More Powerful than your Smartphone Camera Which cost around ~$1000. These Can Shoot Raw Footage and 4K Sharp Recording Video. They offer a Bigger Sensor Which Means These are better What your Smartphone Camera can Do. It features an EVM (Electronic View Finger) Which Shows you real-time image When you hit the Shutter Button. The Only drawback is You can’t attach any other lens on it, You have to Stay with your Default Lens.

Now, Talk about the Professional Guy. Then the Mirrorless and DSLR’s. They are More advanced than What we talk about Previously. Where the Camera Body alone is cost at least ~$2000 and then a Good Lense Cost around ~$1000. Many Professional Photographers Used Canon 5D Mark 3, and Many Photographer used for Night is SONY A7s Mark 2.


Because 5D doesn’t Perform Well in Night as Compare to Day, Where A7s Mark 2 does really well in Low Light.
Also, A7s features an EVF (Electronic View Field), Which Really make Night Photography Possible.

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