This guide will walk you through the steps to reintroduce the Background Play Video option in Xiaomi HyperOS. Xiaomi devices are equipped with a Sidebar function offering various handy features. By default, this Sidebar resides on the left edge of the screen and appears when interacting with supported apps.

For instance, in YouTube, you can access its Video Toolbox feature, containing options like Record, Screenshot, Cast, and Dolby Atmos. Previously, there existed a feature called “Play video sound with screen off,” enabling audio playback even when the device is locked.

However, due to the latest security patch update, this feature has been removed. But fret not! We’ll demonstrate a workaround to easily restore the Background Play Video feature in Xiaomi HyperOS.

How To Bring Back Background Play Video in Xiaomi HyperOS

It’s recommended to try out each workaround mentioned below to find the one that works for you.

FIX 1: Uninstall Updates of Security App

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Security App.
  2. Tap on Uninstall Updates and confirm by selecting OK.
  3. Launch the video streaming app and check if the feature is restored.

FIX 2: Downgrade Security App

  1. Download the Security_8.5.2-231020.0.1.apk.
  2. Open the downloaded APK and tap on Update.
  3. Launch the streaming app again and verify if the feature is now available.

These methods should help you bring back the Background Play Video option in Xiaomi HyperOS. If you encounter any issues or have questions about the steps mentioned, feel free to ask in the comments below. We’re here to assist you!


Restoring the Background Play Video option in Xiaomi HyperOS can enhance your multimedia experience, allowing you to enjoy audio playback even when the device is locked. By following the provided fixes, you can easily regain this functionality and enjoy uninterrupted video streaming.


  1. Can I bring back Background Play Video on any Xiaomi device?
    • These methods are specifically tailored for devices running Xiaomi HyperOS. While similar techniques might work for other Xiaomi devices, we recommend checking compatibility before proceeding.
  2. Will downgrading the Security App pose any security risks?
    • Downgrading apps can potentially expose your device to security vulnerabilities. However, in this case, the downgrade is focused solely on restoring a removed feature and should not compromise the overall security of your device significantly.
  3. What if the provided fixes don’t work for me?
    • If neither of the suggested fixes resolves the issue, you can consider reaching out to Xiaomi’s support team for further assistance. They may provide additional solutions or insights tailored to your specific device model and software version.
  4. Are there any alternative methods to bring back Background Play Video?
    • While the methods outlined in this guide are the most straightforward approaches, there may be alternative solutions available through third-party apps or custom ROMs. However, these options typically require a deeper understanding of device customization and may void your device’s warranty.
  5. Is Background Play Video a commonly requested feature?
    • Yes, Background Play Video is a popular feature among users who enjoy listening to audio content while performing other tasks on their devices. Its removal in recent updates has sparked interest in finding workarounds to restore this functionality.