Discord servers have inevitable content to entertain and acknowledge a lot. But, with time, the same
thing gets diminished. For such a discord developed a bot system that uses artificial intelligence that can
perform several useful tasks on your server automatically. There are many things with discord bot.

In some of the major highlights are welcoming any new members, banning troublemakers, moderating
the discussion, adding music or games to your server and more. Following this, Usual discord users
demand a bot in it. Certainly, They want to know the procedure to add a bot to the discord server. So,
here we will discuss that concern.

How You Can Add a Bot In Discord Server

If you have to manage server permission or an administrator then you can accept a bot on your discord
server. However, if these things are not in your favour so make sure to enable the management server
checkbox under the discord’s Roles section. For adding a new bots to your discord server below we are
sharing some instructions so that you can understand them easily.

Note: Here, we are using the MEE6 bot as a reference. You can explore your desired bot and follow the
below steps in the same manner.

  1. Simply, Visit MEE6 webpage.
  2. Next, click on add to discord button displayed on the screen.
  3. Insert Your Discord Account Credentials and log in.
  4. Now, Click on Authorise to the confirmation pop-up, if any.
  5. Click Setup MEE6 next to your server name.
  6. Then, choose your server and continue.
  7. Next, select the permissions that you want to give this bot.
  8. Scroll down and click on Authorise option.
  9. That’s it, You have successfully added a bot to your discord server.

Furthermore, If you want to remove that bot for some reason. Then you can do those by following the
given path – Discord Profile << Tap on a bot to remove << Tap on kick << Confirm the action << That’s it.
Conclusively, These are the only steps required for adding a bot to your discord server. Additionally, you
can follow the given path for the removal procedure.