In the ever-evolving landscape of web browsers, Opera has emerged as a frontrunner, thanks to its innovative features. One such standout feature is Workspaces, offering unparalleled tab management. Recently, I explored Opera’s Aria AI and ChatGPT, finding a synergy that enhances my research endeavors. In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of seamlessly adding ChatGPT to Opera for an enriched browsing experience.

My Unique Take on AI

Before delving into the intricacies, let’s clarify my stance on AI. As a professional writer, I utilize AI exclusively for research, steering clear of it as a crutch in my creative pursuits. My recent inclusion of ChatGPT aligns with my commitment to efficient research without compromising the essence of my work.

Adding ChatGPT to Opera: A Hassle-Free Experience

How I use ChatGPT in Opera: Mastering Research with Opera's ChatGPT Integration

1. Open Opera’s Settings

To initiate the process, open Opera’s Settings either through the menu or by typing opera:settings in the address bar.

2. Enable ChatGPT

Scroll down to the Advanced options, expand it, and navigate to AI Services. Locate ChatGPT in the Sidebar and toggle the On/Off slider to activate it.

3. Open ChatGPT and Sign In

Look for the ChatGPT icon in the Opera sidebar, click on it, and choose ‘Login In.’ Enter your OpenAI credentials or use your Google account for a swift setup.

4. Use ChatGPT

After signing in, click the ChatGPT icon again, input your query, and witness ChatGPT’s prompt response. Copy the output to your clipboard and rate it accordingly.

5. Accessing Your Query History

Your queries are saved for quick reference. Click the two horizontal lines at the top left of the sidebar, and to maintain clarity, start a new chat for each query.

6. Share a Chat

To share a chat, expand the sidebar, click on the specific chat, and find the Share option. Copy the link and share it seamlessly.

Optimizing ChatGPT in Opera: Overcoming Frustrations

While ChatGPT in Opera proves efficient, there are nuances to consider. Chats are archived but require a manual refresh by clicking the circle icon. Despite minor hiccups, the benefits outweigh the occasional frustrations.

Choosing Between Aria and ChatGPT

Choosing between Aria and ChatGPT depends on your browser habits. Stick with Aria if you exclusively use the Opera browser across devices. Opt for ChatGPT if you switch between browsers, ensuring accessibility via the address.


In the realm of web browsers and AI integration, Opera’s approach stands out. With ChatGPT seamlessly embedded, the browser becomes a powerful tool for efficient research without unnecessary complexities.

FAQs: Unveiling the Details

Q1: Can I use ChatGPT on any operating system?

Absolutely! ChatGPT seamlessly integrates with Linux, MacOS, and Windows, offering flexibility across various desktop environments.

Q2: Is an OpenAI account mandatory for ChatGPT in Opera?

Yes, but the setup is straightforward. Sign up with your Google account, and you’re ready to leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Q3: How can I share my ChatGPT interactions with others?

Expand the sidebar, locate the specific chat, click on the menu button, and choose ‘Share.’ Copy the link provided for easy sharing.

Q4: What makes ChatGPT in Opera better than standalone versions?

Opera’s integration eliminates the need for an API key, streamlining the process. It’s a user-friendly solution with minimal setup requirements.

Q5: Are there any limitations to the query history feature?

While queries are saved, a manual refresh is necessary for the most up-to-date archive. Click the circle icon to ensure your chat history is accurately reflected.