While doing an important task we all need a complimentary application to store something important.
For such a reason, Apple’s Quick notes play a vital role, especially with the new iOS 16. Because there is
no such application that derives quick action while surfing over the phone. It focuses on reducing the
hastle to open another app by closing the primary one.

Moreover, It is just a space where you can store important data and can see it with a single tap. And the
feature is derived from Apple, which means the same note app surely has some integration and
uniqueness. But, Some users are unable to use that tool. For such reason, below we have shared a guide
to help you to understand Quick notes.

How do I Use Quick notes on My iPhone

As with every other iPhone application, the quick notes have the same navigation arrangement and
feasibility. So that you can use it for multi-purposes like saving text, link sharing or any other important
task. However, Users do not know how could they use this new tool that comes with the iOS 16 Update.
Furthermore, To ease the iPhone users we have studied it and prepared some steps that guide the
different use of quick notes. But, we cannot mention all the uses of quick notes. Because every user has
a different style for using this tool. For a reference, below we are taking images, links or text to use with
Quick notes.

  1. Simply, Choose the image, link, or text that you want to save.
  2. Next, Long-press on the image, link or text.
  3. Following this, Selection Menu will appear on the screen.
  4. Now, Tap the > icon appearing on the right side of the menu.
  5. Then, Tap on New Quick Note.
  6. Do other customization that you want to include.
  7. Next, Tap on the Save button
  8. That’s it, In such a way you can use Quick notes.

Luckily, the best part about adding a text with a link as a note. In which the text is separated with the
link in the same folder. So, Overall the good and useful tool that Apple derived to their products with
their iOS 16 Update. However, These are not the only uses of Quick notes. As the usage depends on
each user’s perspective.