Ads are a primary potential earning source for websites or other service providers. Furthermore, we are talking about ads coming to Android smartphones, so an overhaul of advertising can be irritating. This issue occurs everywhere, whether watching TV or using streaming devices. For this reason, users are worried about how to remove such ads without any hassle.

Furthermore, in such a case, we tried to find out the different ways that make it possible to block ads. Luckily, there are many easy ways for users to get rid of those annoying ads quickly. Furthermore, we developed a manual guide so that users can have confidence in these methods if they have doubts. Meanwhile, in today’s post, we will discuss potential ways to remove ads.

How to Remove Ads on Android Smartphones, TVs, or Boxes

Start with the easiest method, which is using third-party ad blockers. You will be surprised to know that several free and open-source ad-blocking apps can be installed on your phone or TV. These apps can help you get rid of annoying ads. Some of the most popular ad-blocking apps are Blockade, Adaway, DNS66, and Adguard. So, below, we will share a few steps that explain how to stop ads with these apps.

Note: We use Blokada here because it is available through the Google Play Store and performs better. You can use other ad-blockers, but for them, you need to download APK files.

  • On your smartphone or TV, open the Google Play Store.
  • Then search for “Blokada” there.
  • Now you can download and instal it on your device.
  • Once it finishes, open the Blokada app.
  • Next, tap on the switch for ad-blocking.
  • Following this, you will see the number of ads blocked in the statistics.
  • That’s it; the ads will now be stopped.

Aside from third-party ad blockers, you can use a private DNS on your Android phone. With this, you will get a personal space for browsing, giving you some relief from advertisements. However, the question arises as to where and how to set it up. Follow the steps below to set up a private DNS on your phone or TV.

  • On your phone or TV, head to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to Network & Internet >> Advanced Settings.
  • You can now select the option for private DNS.
  • Enter the following URLs to filter your ad-blocking:
  • Lastly, hit Save, and you are done.

Furthermore, technology has advanced so that you can change your private DNS settings at the Wi-Fi router level. You may not be able to do this as a user, so below are some steps you can follow on your router.

Note: As an example, we are using a Linksys router. You can use your Wi-Fi name and follow the steps as well.

Visit the webpage for your Wi-Fi router. Log in to the site with the credentials you received at the time of installation.

  • On the main menu, click Setup >> Basic Setup.
  • Now enter your desired primary and secondary DNS servers.
  • Once it is done, click Apply to save the changes.
  • That’s it; you are done.

If you want to personalise your ads on your Android television, you can do that at your fingertips. Even though we don’t even visit, we see irrelevant ads on our TV. So users look for ways to stop these ads from appearing on their content. Follow the instructions to reset personalised ads.

  • On your TV, open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the “device” option.
  • Under “Device,” click “Preferences.”
  • Now click on “about,” “legal information,” “ads,” and “reset ad ID.”
  • That’s it; you are done.

Conclusively, ad-blocking is not a novel concept. There are already numerous ways in which we can block them. You can read this guide and follow the route that is most familiar to you. Using the steps above, I am confident you will be able to eliminate ads to a certain extent. However, even though we have explained everything carefully if you still have any questions, please ask below.