GeForce Now is NVIDIA’s Cloud-based game streaming service offering real-time gameplay from the
cloud to your system. Now, To add some more line up to the platform. NVIDIA GeForce Now announced
a new thing with their platform that you can play HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact over it. The
announcement says the game will officially launch on 23rd June 2022.

Moreover, the platform is already popular all over the globe but players are unable to install and
download the game. For such a concern, we have prepared a guide that explains to you the complete
download and installs procedure to opt on your PC, Laptop or any other respected device.

How can we play and install Genshin Impact Over GeForce Now

Well, the scheduled launch date for the game is just after two days. But you can process to install and
download the game on your device. However, if your country does not allow GeForce now then you can
use a VPN service to get its benefits. So, without any further delay let’s take a look at the below
instructions to install and play Genshin Impact.

Note: Make sure to use a stable internet connection otherwise it can result in leg issues during the

1. Simply, Visit NVIDIA GeForce Now Official Website.
2. Choose your platform to download it.
3. Now, Install the download Package.
4. Then, Login or Sign up with NVIDIA GeForce now.
5. Next, Search for Genshin Impact in the given search bar.
6. Now, if you are a free member then queue yourself for playing Genshin impact.
7. That’s it, You will be allowed to play once it releases.

Furthermore, If you purchase any premium plan for NVIDIA GeForce Now. Then you can be free from
queue hassle. Conclusively, As of now you can only create or join the NVIDIA GeForce Now. And, you will
be allowed to play Genshin Impact once it releases over it. It means waiting for the final release until
that creates GeForce Now account, if not.