For youngsters, social media apps are like a backbone. For some, it is an entertainment source, and for others, it is an earning source. In particular, Meta products on Facebook and Instagram are getting more exposure than others. But, what happens when you know that these addictive social media apps are collecting your data?

If you remember, these apps have a dedicated in-built browser that stalks users’ data. Initially, there were very few users who knew of this fact. Later, when most of the users noticed that they were all tense about it, and I am looking for some ways to get protection from it. So, let us show you how Facebook and Instagram stalk you.

How are Facebook and Instagram stalking you on websites you visit?

As we have already said, Meta has its own in-app browser that operates on Facebook, Instagram, and the websites you visit through it. It is usual until an ex-Google engineer has not discovered a proprietary additional program. Ex-Google engineer Felix Krause discovered that Meta’s in-app browser has 18 lines of code.

This code insertion allowed Facebook and Instagram to perform user tracking and override tracking restrictions. Certainly, it allows Meta to collect personal details like text selections, screenshots, and other inputs. However, Felix Krause publicly unveiled such a finding, but Meta said they introduced it to offer users the ask-to-track option.

Moreover, data collection is Meta’s primary business model, in which they insert tracking code into their app so that users’ activity can be tracked. However, the code is inserted into their browser’s internal programming. It does not mean we cannot do anything. Certainly, we can easily protect ourselves from such Facebook and Instagram stalking. Some of the best ways to protect them are:

If you want to avoid Meta’s in-app browser stalking, avoid using Facebook or Instagram apps. Instead, use any trusted browser to run these social media platforms. You can use any web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and more.

Don’t use Meta’s in-app browser: Facebook and Instagram stalking is mainly due to Meta’s in-app browser. They insert a tracking code into their browser which lets users track them. So, if you want to be protected from their stalking, always use your trusted browser. If you come across an interesting advertisement, copy the link and open it in your preferred browser.

Conclusively, Facebook and Instagram are prominent social media platforms. So, they introduced that tracking code to their in-app browser. It has both positive and negative aspects that some users find acceptable, while others find it harmful. So, it’s up to you what aspect you think about Facebook and Instagram stalking users’ data.