HMD Global has officially launched its two latest feature smartphone, the Nokia 150 and Nokia 125. Where the device is likely to be a complete inspiration taken from Nokia 3310, and there is a limited market for the future is a smartphone, but it still there. So let’s take a closer look at the device and know more about it.

Nokia 150 and Nokia 125 officially launched.

The tagline for the device is “build for the everyday” where the device is a complete affordable smartphone aimed to focus on the price segment of $24. However, it comes with a 2.4 inch of the display panel. Not to mention the device includes and buttons for easy and navigation alongside dialling and testing.

Feature phone always having long battery life because of low power consumption by the Smartphone and the current battery technology has been making it more worth. Meanwhile, the device bringing all the basic features such as wireless FM radio and classic snake game instance.

Nokia 150 and 125

Nokia 125

This device is quite elegant because of its ergonomic design language accomplished by and durable finish makes set a study smartphone for everyday uses. Moreover it also so expected to deliver and long-lasting battery life and you would be able to store 2000 contacts and 500 SMS onboard.

Nokia 150

It is quite similar, but this device comes with n mod features such as Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to play MP3 player. In contrast, it is also having and 32GB of storage to store your data. Also, it is having a VGA Camera sensor with and a flash module.

HMD Global have using and polycarbonate material to make it more sturdy and durable. Most likely, the device also being quite popular in this meantime as well.

Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer of HMD Global:

“Feature phones remain a popular choice for consumers and businesses alike, and we know that ergonomic design is important to our customers. So we’ve developed a brand-new form factor for the category, with a design that maximises usability. At the same time, we’re bringing large 2.4” screens to the most affordable price points yet. Both phones offer a simple, yet extremely reliable experience – with the Nokia 150 packing multimedia features and a battery. Lets you talk all day and night, while the standby time lasts for weeks.”

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