Samsung has announced the Galaxy S24 Series, which includes the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. As always, the devices have top-of-the-line specifications and introduce new features with One UI 6.1 based on Android 14. The company has enhanced the overall appearance, and users will be thrilled to set this as wallpaper on their Android devices.

The devices are slightly more premium; however, these wallpapers have the same set of wallpapers on the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. There are four different shades with two different varieties (one is light and one is dark) for each shade. Stock wallpapers are typically as large as the device’s screen resolution, and since the Galaxy S24 series offers QHD+ resolution, it is expected that the Galaxy S24 will have a Full HD+ resolution.

These wallpapers are for lock screen or portrait mode while retaining the quality of the wallpaper. However, during the application, you can manually position them to fit better on your lock screen accordingly. They also fit perfectly if you are using scrolling wallpaper.

You can download these wallpapers for free. Not to mention, the Galaxy S24 has become one of the most popular smartphone series of 2024, but you can still enjoy the Galaxy S24 Wallpaper Vibe by applying it.

Download Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpaper (4K Resolution)

So if you have been looking for Galaxy S24 wallpaper, you have reached the right place. We will help you with downloading wallpapers for each Galaxy S24 Series device. These stock wallpapers feature 8 minimalist wallpapers on the S24 and S24+, while the S24 Ultra has 8 abstract wallpapers that are thoughtfully designed to match the aesthetic of the device. These wallpapers are 3120x3120p, while the live wallpapers are 1440x3120p resolution.

We have also included some One UI 6.1 wallpapers, which are apart from the Galaxy S24 Series wallpapers. These wallpapers feature a crystal shape with colours that match the colour of the device. They are minimalist wallpapers but with a bit of flashiness.

Samsung has introduced the new Always-On Lock Screen Wallpaper, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro models. This is an interesting addition. These wallpapers have a live transition that looks stunning, taking advantage of the new LTPO display, which has new Corning Gorilla Glass armour that is less reflective but also darker. Not only this, but the new display on the Galaxy S24 series is more power-efficient and can refresh at 1Hz.

Not to mention, this new AOD consumes more power when activated. This is the reason why Apple later introduced the classic AOD, which hides the wallpaper and only shows the time, date, and lockscreen notifications. Although it has only had a little effect on the device’s battery, this feature is also coming to older Galaxy smartphones with a One UI 6.1 update.

Download Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ wallpapers.

The device comes with a set of exciting new wallpapers. It includes different static wallpapers to choose from. These wallpapers are meant to go with colour combinations based on the device’s colour. For example, the Galaxy S24 has Amber Yellow, Cobalt Violet, and Onyx Black, while the Galaxy S24+ has Cobalt Violet and Onyx Black colours that fit perfectly with the device’s base wallpapers.

Galaxy S24, S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra stock wallpapers in high quality. [4K Resolution Wallpapers & Live Wallpapers]

We have shared three different wallpapers that you can download and set on your Android device. Check out the preview of these wallpapers below. After the preview, you have the option to download. These wallpapers have the same aspect ratio of 19.5:9, except for the larger Galaxy S24 version, which has a 19.3:9 aspect ratio. We have also included live wallpapers, while others are not offering them.

Download Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpaper

Now let’s talk about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a premium smartphone that comes in four different colour options, including Titanium Grey, Titanium Violet, Titanium Black, and Titanium Grey Colour.

Galaxy S24, S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra stock wallpapers in high quality. [4K Resolution Wallpapers & Live Wallpapers]

We have a total of 8 different wallpaper options. Below, you can preview the wallpapers and use the download button at the bottom.

How to Apply Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra Stock Wallpaper

Once you have downloaded the wallpapers, you can head over to the download folder to apply them to your device’s home screen or lock screen.

Galaxy S24, S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra stock wallpapers in high quality. [4K Resolution Wallpapers & Live Wallpapers]
  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to Wallpaper & Style and choose More Wallpaper.
  • From there, browse the wallpapers and set them as your home screen, lock screen, or home and lock screen accordingly.

Each of these wallpapers is of the highest quality. They also look great on iPhones. Here’s how you can set the wallpaper on an iPhone:

  • Open Device Settings and go to Wallpaper.
  • Tap on Add New Wallpaper, and then find and select the Galaxy S24 wallpaper based on your preferences.
  • Customise your wallpaper and tap on Add, then tap on Set as a Wallpaper Pair.


You can download these cool Galaxy S24 Series wallpapers and apply them to your Android or iOS device. However, if you want iPhone 15 Series wallpapers, check here, and for Pixel 8 Series wallpapers, check here. As for the Galaxy S24, it has top-of-the-line hardware, including a great camera, great software, and a bunch of cool AI features.

For those who have been looking to download the new Galaxy S24, we have provided buttons for both stock wallpapers that you can download.