As one of the online service providers that is constantly concerned with the customer experience and aims to deliver the finest service possible, Google is a good example. Recent examples of this include the posting of a screen recording of a game that was downloaded from the Google Play store by one of the site’s most notable users. Interestingly, the screen recording revealed that after finishing every level in a free game available on the Google Play store, the game begins to display sexually explicit advertisements.

Google also appropriately delisted the game from their website in order to take action against it, and the game’s developers were suspended as a result of this move. Meanwhile, Google returns the person who was subjected to the sexual advertisements to his or her previous state. As a result, users who wish to know the specifics of the situation should read the article below. Because we will be talking about the Google Delisted Luv Interactive game in greater detail in this article: The Google Play Store is promoting sexually explicit adverts, and this is against the law.

Luv Interactive Game was delisted by Google because they were advertising their game through sexually explicit advertisements.

The Google Play store offers a vast selection of games, some of which require in-app purchases and others which are completely free. However, among the games that are available for free are several that are primarily intended to advertise other games. to mention a couple of examples Recently, a well-known Twitter user shared a tweet that included a screen recording from his phone. In which he is purportedly engaged in a game titled “Luv Interactive Game,” which is displaying sexually graphic advertisements as he is engaged in the game. To be more specific, anytime you accomplish a level in the game, you will be confronted with those sexually graphic advertisements.

Furthermore, in order to rid the Google Play Shop of undesired games, the company’s executives have chosen to remove the Luv Interactive game from the store. They also suspended the licence of the developer who had placed these types of advertisements in their game as a result of this. Meanwhile, it all demonstrates that Google is constantly concerned with providing its users with the greatest possible content.

Hopefully, we can now anticipate that you all have reliable information about Google Delisted Luv Interactive Game: Promoting Sexual Explicit Ads on the Play Store, which was previously unavailable. In addition, it is widely known that Google removed Luv Interactive’s app from the Google Play Store. Any questions or comments from users can be shared with us in the comment box down below as a result.