Google upcoming budget affordable smartphone, the Google Pixel 4A have been spotted on FCC certification authority of US. Whereas, the device is likely to be launch quite imminent. The device seems to be quite promising so let’s take a closer look toward the device and know more about it.

Google Pixel 4A, no Motion sensor found.

This device is a successor fo the Google Pixel 3A. Hence, the device was originally launched in May. While the Google Pixel 4A is expected to be launch on July 3rd. Therefore, the device might be running on Android 11 out of the box.

On the other hand, Google Pixel 5 is going might be launch in October as expected, but it might be the device Google Pixel 4. The device was spotted on FCC with the internal model G020 and the device, on the other hand, Google G025 might be Google Pixel 4A.

Google pixel 4A

Moreover, the device seems to be quite capable as far as the device is also going to be specific in some countries. However, there would be a more different variant of the device as some countries restricted the device above a certain frequency level.

According to reports, the radio frequency of the radar chip might be in between 58GHz and 63.5GHz. There is no existence of the filling from the Google about this; hence this will be the first device from Google that will launch in India. Meanwhile, Google Pixel 4 will not be available in India so far. Lookalike, the device might be starting price at $349 (~Rs 26,400) for the 12GB memory configuration, and others would be price $299 (~Rs 22,600)

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