Google is aggressively focusing on its Message app to compete against the iPhone’s iMessage; Company recently replaced the Chats with the RCs in Google messages to promote RCS functionality. Samsung devices also received permission to customize the Google Message into their smartphones to make it more native to Samsung’s devices.

How Google Improved Read Receipts on Android

After months of testing the Google Message, New Update brings functionality like a Vertical photo picker instead of a Grid Photo picker. When you open the photo gallery in a conversation, You have a live camera shutter with a preview to take a photo instantly. It will preview the last 15th Images, whereas previously, it was only used to show the six previews of your image.

This feature has previously sported with the Beta version since September of last year, and the RCS rebranding gives users more flexibility and awareness of the functionality they are using. Even after updating the Google Message, it used to show the same read receipts like Sending, Sent, Delivered, and Read, but now it will now have a stopwatch or Clock icon when it’s on the way to the sender (For Sending).

Once the recipient reads, it will show the double-checkmark, and as for Group conversation, it will now show the Send by X and Read by all icons. This has previously been spotted on some devices, but it now looks to be rolling out to more users since it’s now more stable.
Google didn’t share any of those with an official blog post, and They really should be explained so people could understand and update to the latest version to try this out on their device. However, Users seem more positive, and Google’s new approach seems good.

However, in most regions, native SMS, Chat, and iMessage aren’t that popular; instead, people have been using WhatsApp and Telegram, which have already been dominating, and they have read recipient like this for years. You can also join the Beta program by heading over to this website.