Samsung uses a custom version of Google Messages. No other company except Samsung is allowed to offer a custom version of Messages. With the integration of Google Messages into Samsung Messages, it enables ecosystem sync across tablets and watches. Google Messages has also been optimised for One UI, matching Samsung’s design language.

The app is preloaded on selected Samsung devices and serves as the default messaging app. Sending and receiving messages is possible between Galaxy devices for new or existing conversations. Additionally, RCS chat is enabled in Messages, ensuring that conversations stay in sync across Galaxy devices.

Redesigned Samsung Messages in Beta

For months, Google has been testing their redesigned homescreen, where they have removed the navigation drawer. Before rolling out to everyone, the latest redesign of Google Messages debuted on Samsung. This is still in beta and will start rolling out to more users in the coming weeks.

Google Message get home screen redesign.

The company has brought the revamped Samsung version of Messages into Google Messages. In the new redesign, the header is still large, but this time there is a G logo for Google on top of Messages. This is presumably the intention behind the broader homescreen revamp.

Additionally, the search field also gets a magnifying icon that appears next to your Google Account avatar. As for the triple-horizontal burger menu, it gives you access to Archived, Spam & Blocked, Mark All Read, Device Pairing, Your Data in Messages, Message Settings, and Help & Feedback. There is even a full-screen search page with further tweaks.

Further, it also has two new icons that appear on the right with nothing else in that line, looking somewhat weird. Samsung Message also uses a circular FAB instead of a rounded square or rectangle. The broader Google Message homescreen redesign is not available to everyone yet, as it has not been widely rolled out or reached a stable version.

Regarding this, Samsung Knox administrators can modify signatures on company devices. They can add, edit, or turn off message signatures on company-issued devices. There is a banner present on corporate-administered Samsung devices that has an automatic signature. Employees can tap the banner to find their signature, but they can’t edit their signature.