Google launched the beta version of reading Along on the Web, and now you do not require an Android smartphone to use it. You can use Google Read Along on your Chrome, Edge, and Firebox browser. Support for other browsers, including Safari, is still in development.

There is a new addition to the Read and the new virtual assistance named Diya. She encouraged kids to read aloud, and in case kids made mistakes, she corrected them. Different skill sets are available to read and get rewards at the end.

It supports multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can be personalized according to your preference. The company confirms that you do not require a Google account to use this; all the Speech recognition will operate on your browser. The kid’s voice will not be stored or shared since all the processing is happening in-browser only.

“With the web version,” Google says(Opens in a new window), “parents can let their children use Read Along on bigger screens by simply logging into a browser from laptops or PCs at in a new window).”

More or less, Reading along does not try to replace the personal human touch of learning. It is just to improve learning, anytime. This was first launched in 2019, Aiming to teach kids how to read. With Read Along, it teaches children to read stories, including hundreds of stories with different levels of complexity.

   Google’s learn-to-read tool

With the reading, the text will turn blue to show the progress, and the mispronounced text will be turned red. Taping on the mispronounced words will be pronounced by digital assistance, Diya. Read Along on Android has been used by 30 Million kids and over 120 Million stories since 2019. On top of everything, The site is ad-free and does not require any subscription to access Google Read Along. You can also download the content for offline use.

Google's learn-to-read app for kids is now available on the web

“In addition to the website launch, we are also adding some brand-new stories. We have partnered with two well-known YouTube content creators, ChuChu TV, and USP Studios, to adapt some of their popular videos into a storybook format,” it said.

Read Along by Google
Read Along by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free