Everyone knows that Google is the foundation for Android smartphones. In the era of customisation and mobility, almost every user, even those who prefer iPhones, use an Android phone as an additional device. But, according to several international reports, it has been found that Google has abused the Android platform in India in response to hurting other competitors.

Moreover, as per the Anti-Trust Probe Report, Google enforces all dependent firms’ rigid policies, which act as a monopoly in the global markets. Meanwhile, in this article, we will discuss how Google has indirectly abused its Android reputation in India: So says the Anti-Trust probe report.

What are the key facts?

As we mentioned above, Google is the only responsible body for Android smartphones. However, the Anti-Trust investigation discovered some flaws in the guidelines and policies of the other competing companies. Because they expressly forbade smartphone manufacturers from incorporating alternative Android versions into their devices,

Moreover, there are some issues found with the well-known Google play store, in which it is clear that Google is enforcing the play store with its key guidelines and rules. Also, the Competition Investigators found some negative reports against Google. And, the CCI Committee asked a few reasons for imposing their monopolist reasons on the respective smartphone manufacturing companies. But, it will be very interesting to see what Google does further to prove them right.

Hopefully, we can now expect you to have accurate content about Google Indirectly Abused Android Reputation In India: Says Anti-Trust Probe Report. Also well-known is what the Anti-Trust Probe report says regarding Google’s abused Android dominance. With regards to this, if any user has any queries, please share them with us in the comment section down below.