Google has released numerous products to address the unknown concerns. Among them, Google Flights landed in 2011 and is updated even today as recently developers from Google added a new feature called “Cheapest Time to book* that helps users find the best flight deal for them. Not only that but this time, they added more insights and gave a guaranteed commitment that a flight fare would not fluctuate from a given point.

However, it was also possible that the least number of users did that much research and finalized the best deal for them. Nevertheless, with this new Cheapest Time to Book feature, users can find the Cheapest deal along with price tracking with tracking. I am surprised that even Google officially released that announcement, but many users have yet to know about it. Noting that fact, we are sharing complete insights into Finding the Cheapest Flights.

How to use Google Flights to Find the Cheapest price

In this day-to-day inflation, everyone wants to save their money, and they also need to live life. Furthermore, in the last few years, it has been found that people prefer to travel by flights. Nevertheless, the foremost concern is finding the Cheapest fare flights here. As with Trains and buses, the fares can only fluctuate without an official announcement. Nevertheless, prices fluctuate considerably while booking flights when we tweak travel dates, Airport reputation, and airlines.

Before the arrival of the Cheapest Time to Book feature, those things seem accurate, but generally speaking, all of them could be more reliable. The final selection would be best based on things, but there is still an improvement. For this, Google released the Cheapest Time to Book feature that suggests the best time to book flights for the Cheapest prices. However, it uses an average period when flight rates go cheapest, but it is an excellent idea for estimation.

Remember this: this is not a guarantee, and to look forward, they released a price badge that guarantees a specific fare. If any deficiency is found, they self-refund it via Google Pay. Note that this feature is currently for US Itineraries. Apart from that, you can use Price tracking that tracks your specific flight price and notifies you whenever it reaches your settled price level. After understanding these new features, let us try them all.

Note: Consider that the Cheapest time to book is an average basis to know the lowest price for a flight on an estimated basis. Moreover, as a pro tip, you should know flights are cheapest in the morning, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 71 or more days before departure.

  • Head to the Google Flights webpage.
  • Then, search for the flight you want to choose.
  • Following this, a few results appear on your screen.
  • Now, Click the Cheapest Time to Book link in the price graph.
  • After that, you will see the average lowest price for your flight, whether in days, weeks, or months.
  • That is it; in this way, you find the Cheapest flight prices.

Besides that, Again, head to search flight and search for your desired flight route. From there, enter your travel date, departure airport, destination airport, and number of passengers. Further, click on the track price button. From that way, you can find the Cheapest flight for yourself by getting the lowest price alerts by email. Here, consider that you can track up to 6 flights for six months. Now, choosing the cheapest flight will become more accessible using these new additions to Google Flights.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently asked questions

Q1. At what time are flight tickets cheapest?

Ans. Generally, before four months and three weeks from your departure.

Q2. How to book the cheapest flight tickets?

Ans. You can take the help of the Cheapest time to book analysis on Google Flights.

Q3. What day are flights cheapest online?

Ans. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday seem those days on which Flights are cheapest.

Q4. Which seat is best on the flight?

Ans. A seat over the wing seems best as it reduces the effect of Turbulence to a minimum.