Since its inception, DigiLocker has been the most trusted document storage application in India, promoted by the Indian Government as part of its digitization initiative. The aim of the app is to provide users with secure and convenient access to their sensitive documents from any location.

Indian corporate bodies have also developed websites that allow users to download documents, but DigiLocker simplifies this process by consolidating all necessary documents in one place. Furthermore, Google has recently integrated DigiLocker into its Files app, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of this digital document solution.

Google Announces Integration of DigiLocker with Files App

At the Google for India conference, Google announced a partnership with DigiLocker to integrate it into their Files app. With the release of Android 12, Google’s Files app is now included on nearly every device. Google recognized that DigiLocker had exceeded its own download records in March of this year and proposed to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) that it be integrated into their Files app.

On Monday, the partnership was finalized after MEITY shared a video on Twitter confirming the collaboration. In a tweet, Google stated that the integration of DigiLocker with their Files app will lead to an enhanced digital experience and thanked Shri Abhishek Singh, CEO of Karmayogi Bharat, for making the proposal a success. This partnership allows India to experience the benefits of digitization with the speed and trust of Google.

It is currently unknown when the integration of DigiLocker into Google’s Files app will take effect, as neither Google nor the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) have announced a specific date. It is also unclear if the integration will be available on both iOS and Android devices. It will be interesting to see the efforts put into this integration once development begins.

Another announcement made at the annual Google for India conference was the expansion of monetization opportunities for creators on YouTube. In addition, users will soon be able to perform multi-searches and in-video searches on the platform. These updates are still in the development phase, but it will be interesting to see what the future holds for these new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is DigiLocker a trusted app?

Ans. Yes, DigiLocker is a trusted and secure app that is hosted under ISO 27001 standards.

Q2. How do I access DigiLocker?

Ans. You can access DigiLocker at

Q3. What is the use of the Google Files app?

Ans. The Google Files app can be used to free up space on your device and to browse and share your files.

Q4. Is Google File safe?

Ans. Yes, Google File is a secure space where data is stored with the added trust of being managed by Google.