Google’s Drive is one of the most used services by Google to store files and things, so if you want to share a file for downloading, but if you directly share a link, then it first opens in preview and the user has to decide whether they want to download that file or not.

But if you want to give them a direct download link for Google Drive, then here is a quick guide for you to create a direct link for your Google Drive downloading link.

How to Create a Google Drive Direct Link


  • The file’s visibility should be set to “Anyone with the link.”
  • It should be a file, not a folder or a Google Docs/Sheet/Slides document.

class="root-block-node" data-changed="false" data-paragraphid="12">Downloading won’t first for large file sizes. In this case, it first opens the page with the message “The File is too large for Google to Scan for Virus” and from there, the recipient needs to download the file with the download button.

Guide to Creating a Direct Download Link for Google Drive Files

  • First things first, open Google Drive and head over to the file you want to share.
  • Then, right-click on the file and choose “Get Shareable Link.”
  • In the pop-up window, change the visibility settings from Restricted to Anyone with the link.

  • Click “Done” to confirm your action, and then click on “Copy Link” to copy the sharing URL. 
  • Now, open the site. Copy the link and head over to the Google Drive Direct Link Generator and paste it into the text box.

  • Click on Create Direct Link to generate the Google Drive Direct Link Generator. 
  • That’s it! 

After that, you can share the output link to allow anyone to have a direct download link of the file you shared and have stored in Google Drive.

There are some other ways to do it, but in those cases, it’s manually and you’ll need to change the link, which takes more time and has a higher chance of mistakes. Since it is the most convenient way to save your recipient’s time,