Google Chrome is one of the favorable web browsers. So, Even iOS users use it instead of Safari. As a superior browser, Google has earlier introduced a Safe browsing feature. This feature lets the client applications check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources.

For this reason, Google regularly finds such malicious sites and blocks their domain for permanent purposes. Likewise, Google’s Safe browsing blocked 30 domains for no more extended access. For this reason, Some users want to know about such actions. So, here we will discuss Google Safe Browsing Feature marked 30 Sites Malicious.

Google Safe Browsing Feature Updated 30 Sites as Malicious

As a tech giant, Google has a dedicated analysis group called Threat Analysis Group (TAG). TAG blocked a bunch of malicious websites and domains used by hack-for-hire groups. These groups are considered unique forms of surveillance tools providers. The companies offering such things employ such types of groups.

Google gets serious about destinations with binds to hack-for-hire groups in UAE, Russia, India

The hack-for-hire groups attacked high-risk targets all over the world. However, Google already had such groups with the previous attacks. But now, three hire-for-hack groups are serving in India, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Alongside, Google Posted in their blog post that over 30 domains were added to the Google Safe browsing system. It means you can no longer access such domains. 

Moreover, It explained that an individual, Mohammed Benabdella, whom Microsoft sued in 2014 for developing H-Worm, is associated with this group. Alongside, the Google researchers found that some days local ISPs (Internet service providers) in Italy and Kazakhstan were caught installing malware on their customers’ smartphones.

Collectively, The hire-for-hack group has spread such annoying malware-related things. For this reason, Google proved its Safe browsing feature. From such actions, We can easily trust Google and imagine its worthiness. Because Of such a hard analysis, they found 30 sites that produce malware and could be harmful to many users.