Google continues extending its Material You Design to all its services. Now, they have started testing Chrome with Material You. However, this is only supported on Google Chrome Canary build and is available on your Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Users can enable Material You on Chrome by enabling the Chrome Flags. After enabling this, you can only choose the wallpaper offered by Google. Auto-pick color scheme will adjust the color of the browser’s address bar and interface.

To enable this feature, Head over to this Chrome Flag chrome://flags/#customize-chrome-color-extraction. Enable this Flag and restart your browser to use it. To get the best out of it, you need to use the colorful wallpaper, and This feature is yet in beta release. It’s still unknown when this feature will make available to the Public. Redditor spots this feature.

Material You works differently on a Desktop than an Android device; after enabling Material you for your Chrome Browser, you will significantly change your browser UI elements. Iconography and the UI elements look quite different from a regular browser.

The company has recently made several improvements, such as HTTPS-First Mode, Chrome Sharing Hub, Better Settings Page, and other things. They also have introduced the new payment extension to WebAuthn, Which is a way secure payment confirmation, and Material You is available to everyone on Android 12.