Since its inception, Google Chrome has always aimed to enhance the user experience. As a Google product, it is an intuitive tool that has a major market share among prominent browsers in the industry. Additionally, Chrome developers continuously review their product and release new updates to their app.

You will be pleased to hear that Chrome has a long list of upcoming additions. These features are kept in a special section called Chrome Flag, where upcoming features are tested. Recently, Chrome added a smart, customizable sidebar that allows you to create a custom and redesigned browsing experience. To understand this better, let’s discuss.

Google rolls out customized Chrome with this new side panel

Google Chrome already has a sidebar that provides basic functionality to users, but that is not enough to make things go smoothly. The developers of Chrome recently introduced a customizable sidebar to help you design the desktop appearance of Chrome. In addition to the previous sidebar, this new customized sidebar offers the same features.

Google introduces a new side panel to customize Chrome's new tab page, making it easier to use on desktop.

According to Dan Peng (Product Manager, Chrome), you can now customize your Chrome appearance with just a simple click. Chrome’s desktop sidebar can be customized from the sidebar itself. These customizations can help you choose matching colors, themes, settings, and backgrounds. For a better view, follow these three features about the new sidebar.

Test themes, colors & settings in real-time

Before anything, the first and foremost customization in Chrome desktop is changing the theme. We try out multiple themes and colors, but due to the lack of real-time preview, it creates quite a hassle for users. From the recently added sidebar, you can apply multiple themes and colors. Here you can experiment with multiple features and get a perfect combination that suits your preference. To use this feature, follow the steps below.

  1. Open a new tab on your Chrome desktop.
  2. Click on the customize Chrome icon showing at the bottom right corner.
  3. Following this, a sidebar opens up with the available features.
  4. Now choose the colors, themes, and preferred settings that you want.
  5. That’s it! In this way, you can test different themes and colors in real-time.

Refer to backgrounds & images from Chrome’s huge library

Chrome has plenty of images and backgrounds that you can set it n your desktop. To be specific, Chrome has these images in different categories like Earth, Land, Seascapes and so on. Apart from that, Im case the user get confuse while selecting from that Chrome’s library then he can look for rotating background. For this, click on any theme collection and enable the Toggle for refresh daily option. These backgrounds wil be accessible similarly as mentioned above.

Google introduces a new side panel to customize Chrome's new tab page, making it easier to use on desktop.

class="wp-block-heading">Adjust the Page Color to your theme

With the latest sidebar addition, you can adjust the page color or I can say mix the theme color with the page. Whatever the theme you have choose, In case you find mis-match iwith page color. Then adjusting feature can let you to make the entire page appearance as per the choice you preferred for theme. These color options will be available beneath the theme preview when you choose any theme. So use that feature and rematch those unmatched things.

Google introduces a new side panel to customize Chrome's new tab page, making it easier to use on desktop.

After reading these three major additions, I am sure you are eager to know how you will get this smart sidebar. So I want to let you know, as always you need to update your Chrome desktop app to its latest version. As because the new sidebar already rolled out with new update. If you don’t know how to update Chrome on PC then follow these simple instructions to do so.

  1. Open the Google Chrome on your PC.
  2. At the top right, click on More option.
  3. Under More, click on Help >> About Chrome.
  4. Click on Update Google Chrome and wait for it to update.
  5. Once complete, Restart the Chrome and you will find the new sidebar on your Desktop.

Conclusively, This new side panel addition is not a technical advancement. It seems here developers think for appearance. I mean to say they emphasize over Since the beginning of its existence, Google Chrome has always tried to enhance the user experience in response to themes, colours and relating adjustments. But note that this is not the last update, for sure the next update would include something technical that empower more functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do I enable side panel in Chrome?

Ans. You can do that from Settings >> Appearance >> Side Panel.

Q2.How to customize Chrome?

Ans. Use the above features and customize your chrome.

Q3.Where is customize button on Chrome?

Ans. You will see at the top right corner of Google’s search page.

Q4.What is the shortcut to open the side tab in Chrome?

Ans. Hold Command and SHIFT, then Press T for Mac users and Hold CTRL and SHIFT, then Press T on Windows.