Google’s Email Service “Gmail” Announced Material You design on the web. So the developers started rolling out that design. Additionally, the developers added Google Sans (Font) with the new design. Additionally, a Gmail-only view and a FAB+ Window seem useful.

Apart from these additions, Gmail has a bunch of themes that you can change easily. Gmail has a Storage used indicator available on Android and iOS apps to manage space. Meanwhile, Gmail has a new lookup that you should take a look at. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to inform you about Gmail Material You Design and More.

Gmail Announced Material You Redesign, Gmail Only View, and More

As we said above, Gmail has many new changes, including theme, font, storage indicator, etc. With Material You Redesign, you can change that essential white background. For doing so, Open the Theme Menu from Quick Settings, and you will see a lot of colors and images as a background. So, choose your preferred background in between them.

Moreover, there is a new change with FAB Window that replaces composing the action floating button with the Pill Shaped button. On the other hand, there is a new Gmail Only view feature. In which the navigation element will be removed. Instead, you will see a Gmail Configuration only. You can use such things through Gmail’s Quick Settings.

Gmail’s Material You redesign on the web, including Chat and Meet, is now the new default, Gmail Only View, and Storage Used Indicator on Mobile.

How to get Gmail material design?

According to Gmail Support, You can open Gmail >> Click the gear icon in the top-right of the screen. Then, click “Try the new Gmail” to enable it. However, remember that you may not find this option if your account is a school or work account. In such a case, Ask your admin to allow you to use the new Gmail.

How to materialize CSS in Gmail email?

Gmail is synonymous with email, but you can materialize CSS in it. However, You need some knowledge to cover up. Many tools help in materializing CSS quickly. Because email does not support all CSS functions instead, you can create your CSS. Either you can take the help of different CSS-making websites.

How to go back to recover typed material in Gmail?

Suppose you have mistakenly deleted any typed material in your Gmail. Then, do not worry about the same as it has a supporting feature called Undo. Through this feature, you can undo the action that was done mistakenly for a quick overlook; Just Press Ctrl + Z key Simultaneously. This will back you to the lost material.

Gmail’s Material You redesign on the web, including Chat and Meet, is now the new default, Gmail Only View, and Storage Used Indicator on Mobile.

How to print material from Gmail to my printer?

You have an option to print your Gmail material from anywhere. However, some users are unable to do such a thing. But, it happens with the help of the Printer icon. For better ease, we are sharing some steps to print material in Gmail below.

  • Simply, Open a mail over Gmail.
  • Then, Go to the top-right menu and click on the printer icon.
  • Following this, the Print dialogue box will appear on your screen.
  • Now, Choose Your Printer between the listening ones.
  • Next, select the different print settings and Click on Print.
  • That’s it, and Your Material will print shortly.

When will Gmail get the material design?

Gmail has gradually rolled the material you design into all Gmail-associated products like Google Calendar. The material You design is already available in Gmail, Google Drive, Google docs, and more. All designs are available to Google Personal Account and Workspace customers. So, You can try that new design through the Try Gmail You design appearing under each Google products setting menu.

Conclusively, Gmail Material You Design is a better way to personalize all Google products to your ease. Also, if you do not find anything that suits you, revert to the previous Gmail design easily. Although, we have to explain each of the things in full detail. Even if any user has queries, feel free to ask them in the comment below.